Natural Vs. Cosmetic Treatments For Stretch Marks In 2021


Natural Vs. Cosmetic Treatments for Stretch Marks

Researchers say that 80% of the general population has stretch marks on different parts of their body. These scars have become the biggest cosmetic nuisance of all time due to how they can cause a problem with our self-esteem.

Stretch marks are those tiny, long scars or streaks that appear on the surface of the skin when the body experiences a rapid change such as during puberty, pregnancy, muscle growth or rapid weight gain which in turn tears to the dermis; which is the middle layer of the skin tearing.


The tear in the dermis seeps through the skin and appear as red, purple or pink streaks, and as they age, they fade into white or silver. Stretch marks appear on body parts such as hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and upper arm.


The most common patients of stretch marks are women, and this is as a result of childbirth. The study shows that 50 to 90 percent of women will develop stretch mark during or after pregnancy. Other people include bodybuilders, teenagers, and people who experience sudden weight changes.

Various treatments have been put in place to fight these unsightly streaks on the skin, while some are safe and affordable; some are costly and comes with a good deal of risks and complication. This article focuses on the natural and cosmetic treatments of stretch marks.


Natural Treatments for Stretch Marks

Natural stretch mark removal treatments involve the use of stretch mark cream, lotions, gels, essential oils, and ointments. It also deals with the use of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.


Eating a healthy and balanced diet, moderate exercises and proper hydration are also natural treatments for these streaks. There are many products available in the markets claiming to remove stretch marks on the skin permanently, but most of these products don’t work.


The best stretch mark removal cream is the most affordable and effective treatment of these streaks without exposing the skin to any form of risk. They are a non-invasive treatment that requires daily application at least twice every day to get desired results in a few weeks.


This treatment is safe for pregnant women provided they get a special stretch mark cream for pregnancy that contains natural ingredients that are generally safe to use. Click here to see the stretch mark cream products with natural ingredients.


Due to the wide variety of products available in the market, it is important to research the best stretch mark cream reviews; this is because some products contain harmful chemicals that can pose a health risk to the consumer.


Medical Treatments

Medical treatments of stretch marks involve laser therapy, red-light therapy, cosmetic surgery and microdermabrasion to get rid of your stretch marks. Some of these treatments are invasive, while others are non-invasive but either way, they are costly and can be risky.


Laser therapy

During laser therapy for the treatment of stretch marks,  the specialist beams laser lights on the area affected to remove the damaged skin tissues on the topmost layer of the skin, while stimulating the production of new skin cells.


After the procedure, you might experience some discomfort on the skin such as redness, tenderness or burn injury but it only takes a few days for the skin to heal up. Also, you might need to undergo at least ten therapy sessions before you notice visible results, but in most cases, laser therapy does not completely remove these streaks from the skin. Instead, they make them look less visible.


Laser therapy is not completely without any risk or complications. The mishandled laser can cause damage in skin tissues, blistering as well as other negative reactions. That is why it is important to get a specialist to carry out the procedure.



Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is the most effective treatment that can remove the stretch marks on the abdomen permanently while giving you waist a firmer and flatter look. It is an invasive treatment that gets rid of the streaks in the abdominal region permanently.


It is costly and comes with a good deal of risk and complications. As a result, a cosmetic surgeon performs this surgery on patients who are medically qualified for the surgery.


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