Surefire Ways On How To Have Better Lashes


Surefire Ways on How To Have Better Lashes

Many women want to enhance their current lashes. While some were born with incredibly full and long lashes from birth, others are not so lucky, growing brittle, stubby, and short lashes.

We are born with a set of lash follicles from our mother’s womb. These follicles do not decrease or increase throughout our life on earth. However, the lashes are not all growing the same time. About 30% of human lashes are growing at any point in time. This explains why we don’t experience a massive lash loss. The number of lashes on the lower eyelids are between 75 to 100 while the upper lids are between 150 to 200.


There are a lot of factors that may lead to lash loss. The common ones are excess rubbing of the eyes, excess pulling of the eyes, overplucking of lashes (trichotillomania), excess drinking and smoking, and more. Plus the wear and tear you subject your lashes to when removing your makeup can lead to lash loss.


Other causes of lash loss are chemotherapy, lash inflammation, thyroid problems, and alopecia.

Surefire Way To Improve Your Lashes

If you want to grow longer and fuller lashes, you have to eat healthy diets at all times. Foods rich in protein, vitamin A, B3, B5, B6, C, E, and H, minerals, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids should be your choice diets and not junk foods. Leafy greens, beans, egg, salmon, fruits will form more keratin which your body needs to grow longer, fuller lashes.

When you clean your makeup, never pull or rub your eye area. Instead, gently dab or pat your eyelids. Do not trim, wax, pluck, or tug your lashes. Be careful with the choice of mascara you select, so you don’t dry your lashes. Don’t forget to change your mascara every 3 to 6 months to prevent infection.


When curling, be careful not to apply much pressure on your eyelids. Sanitize your lash curler and other lash tools you use to prevent eye infection.


Ophthalmologists recommend that you use a top eyelash serum formulated with peptides (myristoyl pentapeptide 17 and myristoyl hexapeptide 16), biotin, B vitamins, and potent plant extracts to condition, strengthen, lengthen, thicken, and enhance your lashes. You may use your regular natural oils like castor oil, vitamin e oil, olive oil, or Vaseline to moisturize your lashes, but these ingredients won’t work on your weak follicles. Hence, we recommend you invest in the best eyelash growth serum for the health of your lashes.


Make sure you use the lash serum regularly, following the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some eyelash serum suggested you apply the serum once a day while others twice daily.


Be careful not to get the serum into your eyes as it may irritate and make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Whatever the brand of serum for lashes you choose, ensure it doesn’t contain ingredients like Bimatoprost, Prostaglandin, and Isopropyl Cloprostenate. These are harmful ingredients that may put your eyes in grave danger.


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