Get Beautiful Lashes With These 4 Tips


Get Beautiful Lashes With These Tips

Are you experience breaking lashes and worried that they wouldn’t grow back? Don’t panic. Like your scalp hair, your lashes can also grow back. All you need do is to calm down and relax and follow the right guide I shared in this article.


Longer, healthy lashes beautify you, no doubt. They shape your eyes perfectly and command attention from everyone. However, losing them can be so frustrating. Short, sparse lashes can affect your confidence and the way you see yourself.

There are various reasons why you may lose your beautiful lashes. Let me explain some of them:



As you age, the hair on your body, scalp, and even your lashes become thin. This is because the lash roots receive a lower ration of the nutrients it used to get when you are younger, leading to thin, sparse lashes. When your lash break, it grows back slowly.


Medical Issue

Chemotherapy may cause you to lose some or all of your lashes. Other conditions like madarosis, thyroid, and more are responsible for partial or the complete loss of lashes.


Daily Habits

Habits like excess drinking of alcohol and smoking. Sleeping with your mascara and makeup, using waterproof mascaras, rubbing of the eyes, can be responsible for your sparse, thin eyelashes.


Other Factors

Factors like stress and poor diet can also make your lashes brittle and dry. Using chemical-formulated lash products can even “kill” your lashes.




It is true that nature blesses some people with beautiful lashes. And some with beautiful lashes may end up losing them for one reason or the other. Whether you once had beautiful lashes and lost them or you were not blessed with long, full eyelashes, don’t be troubled.


Today, we have a lot of remedies you can inculcate into your beauty routine to lift your lashes from short to long within a short period. But before we go there, here is some advice you need to follow before the ultimate solution works:

Don’t Sleep on Your Makeup

A lot of women are too lazy nowadays to remove their makeup at night. If you are picking one thing from the wakeup call, make it this point. Makeup is designed with ingredients that tend to dry within a short period. When they stay too long on your lashes, they make it extremely hard, which may brittle them and make them fall out.


Eat Balanced Diets

Food rich in protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, iron, vitamin B3 and B5, Vitamin E and C should be in your daily meals. You may also support your food with supplements.


Limit Rubbing Your Eyes

Most time I feel the need to rub my eyes so hard. This usually makes me feel good for a moment. But the habit is bad for your eyes and lashes. So the next time when you feel obliged to rub your eyes, think of the damage you’re doing to the health of your eyes and lashes.


Best of All – Use An Eyelash Serum That Works

Be careful when selecting an eyelash serum. We have dozens of them on the market – some are great while others are packed with fillers. What your lashes need to grow is a top eyelash serum that will provide your lash root with the necessary nutrients to make your lashes grow longer and fuller within a few weeks.


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