While some women are blessed with beautiful eyelashes with stunning looks, others are not so fortunate and often result into making use of fake lashes and extensions to give them the appearance of longer, flattery and fuller lashes.

The use of eyelash extensions can give you that appearance you have been craving for. But as much as eyelash extension can give you that instant look of a fuller, thicker and long lash, it definitely not that simple as it sounds as eyelash extension has it other unpleasing aspects that you need to know.

Here is why you should worry about eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are time-consuming and difficult to maintain

Some of us believe that the ability of eyelash extension to stay longer than those false lashes is often better due to the fact that you don’t have to spend more money on makeup for those periods of two weeks. But this isn’t true. Extensions are more expensive depending on the salon you are visiting and also, you will require some fill-in sometimes due to loss of some extensions.

Extensions are quite uneasy to maintain following the first application because the adhesive that is used by stylist varies. Some glue requires 12to24 hours before it sticks perfectly okay. And also, the time frame will help keep the eyelash extension last longer.  During this time frame, you will be advised by your Stylist, not the sweat, cry, swim or even wash your face for 12hours so as to give it time to dry.

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Eyelash extensions can mess with your eyes

Eyelash extensions are made with some chemicals that can cause damage to your eyes. Over the years, there have been cases of some women having conjunctivitis as a result of some small particles of the lash extension falling into their eyes.

Also, some of the stylists that help fix your lashes avoid using hand gloves and when you ask them their claim often is because it makes it difficult to fix the extensions and sometimes those extensions get stuck on them.

Eyelash extension can make existing lash to fall off

Extensions are an easy beauty product that causes lash breakage making your natural lashes to fall off. While it’s not going to happen all at once, the natural lashes become more prone to breakage as you continue to have extensions on.

Extensions are attached to the existing natural lashes and they can also start to fall off when they are becoming weak or the glues are not well placed on them by the stylist. 

Eyelash extension may be good for a period of time which is usually very short, however the consequences are often very regretful too. Our inability to know what to do and how to go about it has affected our capability to make our existing lash become what we want.

Thus, research has shown that eyelash serums are better to be used rather than extensions to give better longer and fuller lashes. We ranked the best eyelash growth serum products according to customer reviews click here to see.


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