DIY Lash Serum Recipes You Might Want To Try Out


DIY Lash Serum Recipes You Might Want to Try Out

Many women will always have long eyelashes as a priority and will do pretty much anything to achieve their desires. Unfortunately, the lash enhancers they turn to sometimes lead to irritations, allergic reactions, and even infections.


Even though eyelash length is majorly genetic and there’s little we can do about it, it doesn’t mean you should remain unlucky for the rest of your life, right? ( woolash reviews )


Still, we don’t want you going through irritations and infections simply for long eyelashes. For this reason, we’ll show you several eyelash serums that you can make yourself. Since they contain natural ingredients and are void of harmful chemicals, they have no side effects.

Castor Oil and Coconut Oil to Condition for lashes

This is about the easiest kind to make. It helps condition your eyelashes and makes them thick within a very short period.


What you’ll need

·Castor Oil

Castor Oil is rich in nutrients like proteins, fatty acids, and vitamin E. It’s been used by our ancestors to stop hair fall and improve the appearance of the lash line.

·Coconut oil

Coconut oil is also rich in nutrients like fatty acids and vitamins. It protects the eyelashes and fights off infections as a result of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

What you should do

Start by pouring the coconut oil and castor oil in equal quantities. You can use a mascara container that is empty.

Close the container and shake it gently so that the ingredients mix up.

That’s it! To use, dip the brush of the mascara in the serum you have made and brush your eyelashes with it, starting from the root, down to the tip. Castor oil isn’t a light substance and can be heavy if applied in large quantities. We, therefore, advise that you apply in small quantities.

Biotin and Argan Oil for the eyelashes

What you’ll need

·Liquid biotin

Biotin is also known as vitamin H. Have you ever wondered why “H”? Well, the “H” in vitamin H is from “Haar” and “Haut “, two German words that mean “hair” and “skin”. That’s how beneficial it is to the skin and the hair. If it’s beneficial to the hair, then it includes the eyelashes. So, if your eyelashes are prone to thinning, getting brittle and breaking off, biotin is the vitamin that comes to the rescue.

·Argan oil

Argan oil has a high antioxidant and fatty acid content which helps improve the health of the eyelashes by nourishing and hydrating.


It also reverses lash damage that may have been as a result of harsh chemicals. According to research, the oil also helps lashes grow faster.

What you should do

Get your mascara container; it should be clean and empty.

Next, pour some argan oil into the container.

Liquid biotin should come in next. Eight drops of the vitamin will do.

Close the container and shake well so that the ingredients mix up.

That’s it! To use the serum, dip the mascara brush into the mixture and brush your lashes with it gently.


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Neem oil and Sweet Almond Oil For the eyelashes

Although this mixture possesses strong abilities to make the lashes long and strong, it’s smell is not great.


What you’ll need

·Neem oil

You will find neem oil in almost every hair growth or hair loss product. It contains fatty acids that moisturize and deeply condition lashes while also using its regenerative properties to stimulate healthy growth.


·Almond oil

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, calcium and monounsaturated fatty acids which protects the lashes from breakage by moisturizing and preventing oxidative damage.


What you should do

Again, get an empty mascara container. Make sure you have washed and dried the container before its use.

Next, pour both oils in the container, not equally. The almond oil should be a little more than twice the neem oil.

Close the tube and shake well so that the ingredients can mix properly.

It’s ready for use! To use, dip the brush into the mixture and use to brush your eyelashes gently.

Note: Apply the DIY serum of your choice every day.


Even though the serums above are good if you want to grow healthy lashes, you’ll need more than that if you desire longer and thicker eyelashes. The DIY lash serums are not so much for growth as they are for improving health, moisturizing and nourishing the lashes.


If you desire long and thick lashes, you will have to go for an eyelash growth serum. What’s great about them is that they also have no side effects as long as you’re not using prescribed serums.


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