Common Body Parts Stretch Marks Appear And Treatments


Common Body Parts Stretch Marks Appear and Treatments

Our body experiences a lot of changes especially when growing up; while some of these changes are great and what we look forward to, some changes are things we wish we don’t have to deal with at all. One of these changes we don’t look forward to is the development of stretch marks.We ranked the best stretch mark creams here, Click here to see.


Stretch marks are those long, indented scars on the surface of the skin which is as a result of the dermis layer overstretching more than the skin can contain. These streaks or scars can appear as red, pink, purple or brown in their early stage and fade into a white or silver color as the age.

Millions of people get stretch marks for different reasons such as puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, rapid weight changes, genetics, and medical conditions. One of the biggest misconceptions about stretch marks is only women get them, but the truth is men get them too.


Although these streaks are harmless, they can be embarrassing and affect your self-esteem negatively. Depending on the reason you got them in the first place, these streaks appear on body parts that have a high concentration of fats.




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Common Places Stretch Marks Appear


The abdomen is one of the common body parts stretch marks appear, and these streaks appear as a result of rapid weight gain in a short period. People who get stretch marks on their abdomen are usually pregnant women and obese people.


One of the most effective treatments for stretch marks on the abdomen is cosmetic surgery. This surgery helps to permanently remove the stretch marks and extra fats in the abdominal region which in turn makes your waist look firmer and flatter.  One setback about this procedure is that it comes with a great number of risk and complications.


Pregnant women can apply stretch mark cream for pregnancy that contains natural ingredients on their streaks at least twice every day to moisturize and nourish the skin as well as reduce the visibility of the streaks.

Upper Arm

Stretch marks on the upper arm are most common in men. These streaks appear as a result of intense muscle growth through bodybuilding and weightlifters. Another factor that triggers the formation of stretch marks in the upper arm is puberty.


Women who develop stretch marks on their arm can be as a result of being overweight.



Laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and red light therapy are medical treatments that can help reduce the appearance of these streaks on the upper arm. They are costly and might take more than one session before you see a visible result.


Stretch mark cream for weight lifter with no known risk is also effective and safe to use to make stretch marks less visible.


Stretch marks on the breast mostly affect expecting mothers and teenage girls going through growth spurts.



The best way to treat these streaks is to apply a stretch mark cream for breast twice daily. It keeps the breast properly moisturized and nourished, fade the old stretch marks and prevent the formation of new streaks.

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Stretch marks on the thigh affect both men and women; it occurs when they experience a sudden weight gain or weight loss. Another factor that can cause the occurrence of stretch marks on the thighs is genetics, which is if any member of your family has had stretch marks on their thighs; you have a higher chance of getting them too.



Medical treatments such as laser therapy, chemical peels, and chemical peels can help treat the stretch marks on your thighs effectively. Also, you can get a stretch mark cream for thighs to help reduce the sharpness of these streaks and prevent the formation of new ones.


You don’t have to worry about those stretch marks on your skin when you can get rid of them with the best stretch mark removal cream that works fast and effectively.