Stretch marks can come via numerous means ranging from weight gain to pregnancy. However, there are some subtle bringers of stretch marks you may not know of. Many of us may be unconcerned with stress-related issues and as such tend to underestimate stress triggers and their resultant effects. So how does stress relate to stretch marks and how can we avoid them? Well, read on.

A recent study uncovered that wrinkles are birthed by stress. Here in the US, an average citizen keeps two or three jobs to make ends meet and research has shown that this has a daunting effect on the brain and the body. Most people suffer stress-related migraine from their 9-5 jobs due to implosion. With contending bills yet to be paid, most people rarely have time for themselves.

Resting is an inevitable part of living if you want to live longer though. Most of us try to shortchange our body by reducing the number of hours we rest; this would inevitably tell on our body’s functionality and looks. You may find it shocking to know that stress is a skin-aging factor; you can tell this by the sunken cheeks and bloodshot eyes on some persons’ faces.

You should endeavor to engage in rejuvenating therapies that would boost your functionality. There are numerous body optimizing techniques we can explore as regards relieving our body off tension and stress. What are these therapies? Well, let’s read on.


Yoga is a mind and body relieving exercise that calms our muscles and tissues. Yoga involves sitting still and meditating. Sometimes you can engage in subtle stretches as they help in loosening muscular knots. If you decide to practice yoga, you should do so under the supervision of a yoga trainer as you want to get the most out of it.


Most of us tend to underestimate the benefits of massage. Visiting the spa should be added to your list of healthy living as it also helps in calming your tensed body and mind. Massaging also benefits the body by way of smoothening out your skin, preparing it for weight loss or weight gain. Consistent massaging can also boost your skin’s collagen and elastic fibers.

As a tip, you can replace your massaging oil with a stretch mark cream or lotion as some good ones contain natural moisturizers that would even out your skin.


As common as ‘sleep’ may sound, most of us don’t indulge in it. Many of us think that we don’t make money when we sleep, well, if this is you then think again. What’s the point of making money and not staying healthy to enjoy it? Sleeping is our body’s way of rebooting; even machines don’t stay on for very long hours without shutting down. So sleep!

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