Why Should We Use Vitamin C In Our Skin Routine?



Care of the skin is a big deal for many people especially the female population. Over time, we have been advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle to continue to have healthy glowing skin. A healthy lifestyle mostly includes eating habits, skin care routines, exercise and adequate rest. 

For diet, it is common to see suggestions for fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, etc. 

Citrus fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C and some of them are oranges, lime, lemon, grapefruit, citron, tomatoes, kales, papaya, mango, cabbage, cauliflower, red peppers, raspberries, sprouts, blueberries, and green peppers.


Apart from a regular diet, supplement is another excellent option for correcting or maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins and it works for a myriad of things. From preventing the aggravation of a common cold developing into pneumonia, to serving as an antiaging agent, to enhancing the treatment of cancer, vitamin C is a necessity for everyone.

More Advantages Of Vitamin C To Health

•    More intake of Vitamin C, less risk of developing stroke: A few studies have revealed that people with a higher level of vitamin C in their blood have a 42% chance of not developing stroke. These set of people most likely take a lot of vegetables, fruits, fibers, grains, and other vitamins and minerals. 

Staying healthy is a serious business, but with some vitamin C in your blood daily, it can become less complicated.


•    Danger fighter: Vitamin C is an antioxidant which is a protective property that helps your body fight again damaging molecules known as free radicals, exposure to ultraviolet rays, and air pollutants. When you have a good amount of Vitamin C in your body, you have a better chance of staying immune to these harmful substances than when your body lacks them. 


As such, skin care or health freaks need to include the intake of at least five servings of Vitamin C and vegetables in daily meals. However, it can become a tedious or nearly impossible task to maintain this habit daily, and this is where supplements come in. 

In addition to having great health, you need vitamin c food sources or supplements in order to take care of your body externally, and this can be done properly when you use Vitamin C topically. 


Topical usage includes applying vitamin c supplements on the whole body or body parts where they are most needed. The most common topical Vitamin C supplement for the skin is the vitamin C serum.


Important vitamins for skin cell regeneration


Skin Care Uses Of Vitamin C Serum

1.    Restores even skin tone: An uneven skin tone is usually the result of a case of unevenly spread melanin or what is also known as hyperpigmentation. Although this case presents no danger to health, it is highly embarrassing for many, and they end up covering up with makeup. 


With the help of a very good Vitamin C serum or serum with a high percentage of Vitamin C, the skin tone can become even again.


2.    Eliminates dark patches and spots: vitamin c serum helps to clear dark patches caused by sunburn, or other skin issues like pimples, or acne. The trick is getting the right kind of serum that won’t leave more patches than you had.


Other vitamin C serum benefits include the removal of wrinkles and fine lines, and skin firming.

There are so many Vitamin C serums for sale today, but like any other product, you need to be careful which one to go for because many serums cause more harm than good. Your ideal vitamin C serum will contain Ferulic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B3. 

For the best suggestion for the top vitamin c serum, we ranked the best vitamin c products due to customer reviews.