3 Workouts To Target Your Butt


3 Workouts To Target Your Butt in 2021

People all around the world have given the buttocks an entirely new function than what it was initially created for. Now a lot of women over the years indulge in different activities to maintain and develop their behind to look good physically.


While your bum should be much more than just an asset to flaunt, there is still a need to keep it in shape, at least for your general well-being.


To keep fit and maintain the shape of the butt, a lot of women do exercises, the most common method of keeping the butt in shape. Although regular exercising can do a lot, you should know that not all activities target the butt.


3 Butt Exercises You Should Try

In this post, I have listed three exercises that will do a lot of work on your butt when appropriately practiced.


1. Squats

Squats are the most common form of exercise women do to improve on their butt. The producers of a good butt enhancement supplement often recommend squats . This form of exercise is quite basic and made up of different types such as jump squat and split squat.


How to do Squats 

To begin, stand erect with your head faced forward, and your hands stretched out or clapped together as the case may be. Do not push your chest or pull your shoulders backwards.

While positioning your legs, you can either place your feet together, inches away, hips width apart or even wider, depending on the type of squat you want to do.


To squat, take the sitting position then pull down. While you do this, ensure that your back is still straight, your thighs parallel to the floor and your heels confined to a spot.

2. Lunges

Lunges is a common exercise among women wanting to work on their butt with exercises and probably butt enhancer pills or creams.


To see positive results with lunges, you need to practice this exercise correctly, so you don't end up straining your joints.


How To Do Lunges

To begin, take one leg forward as though you are taking a step then push your legs further apart and maintain spine alignment.


Once you have taken this position, lower your hips, making sure your knees are bent. In this position, your front knee will extend forward while your back knee will hover few inches above the ground.


Push yourself back-up with your weight on your knees. Switch legs and repeat to avoid working on one alone.

3. Butt bridge

This exercise is often recommended to women looking to either maintain the shape of their butt or increase its size naturally alongside pills or buttock enhancement creams.

How to do Butt Bridge

Lie on your back, place your hands on the ground and spread them out directly under your shoulders, then bend your knees and set your feet hip-width apart.


Once you've taken the above position, while squeezing your glutes, lift and lower your hips slowly and repeatedly, taking few counts.


While doing this exercise, focus on your butt, avoid moving your shoulders away from the ground.



Although exercises are highly recommended and needed for the general well being of the body. When doing it for enlarging the butt size, you should consider taking butt enhancement pills or using butt cream that works. Visit here for the best butt ehnacement products according to users' comments


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