What Natural Ingredients Help An Eyelash To Grow?


Natural and organic ingredients that help eyelashes grow

You could probably have your own show in Hollywood if you have dreamy eyelashes. Yes, it's that important. There is a scene on SNL, where Louis C.K. is a lawyer in a courtroom and had these unbelievable lashes, and the judge and the jury fall for it. Even the defendant's lawyer falls for it in the end. He literally says, “look at these lashes” so having great lashes is not a quality, it's a must, for someone who wants to become successful.


While it's terrible to say, there’s sexism out there, and we should fight it, and we should get equality for men and women at anything, but the sad and horrible truth is that “that might take time” and in the meantime, we should take care of ourselves to survive. That’s why most women dress beautifully and appear chic and made up at all times, that includes eyelashes.


Of Course, it's possible to wear extensions, but extensions are not real, they are like a wig, and let me ask you this, What do you think of people who wear wigs?

I think you pretty much answered yourself.  Nourishlash Reviews 

That’s why we need to nourish our natural lashes because there is no other that will take its place. 

So let's go over what are lashes in the first place.

Eyelashes are just like any other hair on your body, they grow from little holes in the skin called follicles. Hair is generally just dead protein getting pushed out of our skin. That specific protein is called keratin. Note that keratin is just 1 form of protein, so when you get some protein from a meal, not all of that is keratin. 


Another important factor is moisture, your skin, and to be precise, your follicles need to be moisturized at all times to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the time of getting stretched so that the hair can grow out. This can also be translated to water because moisture is water and follicle DO get moisturized with the natural water content in our body, but due to the fact that none of us gets enough water to function as needed, sometimes we turn to artificial products, such as moisturizers to take care of our skin and hair.


Vitamin B is very important for any hair on your body. It’s also commonly called biotin. Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss in itself, but people without the deficiency also take biotin as a hair loss treatment. Vitamin C is also vital. It's an unbelievable antioxidant that is crucial to your hair, including eyelashes. Vitamin D is the fuel of the part of your skin that turns protein into keratin, essentially, vitamin D is the fuel that makes hair. And if you are curious about that, the process is done by special cells called keratinocytes, using vitamin D as their fuel, they process any protein and make keratin and then another part of your skin attaches all of those keratins to make hair.

Aloe Vera is a treatment for oily skin. When people with oily skin produce sebum, they might block a follicle, therefore not allowing it to grow a hair, that’s how aloe vera can help, it unblocks those affected follicles, allowing your hair to grow. Why is this all-important? As we mentioned, eyelashes are just like any other hair.


Unlike aloe vera, coconut oil is made up of fatty acids, but its function has nothing to do with follicles, it basically coats your hair, and gets absorbed within the hair. Then it gets the hair protected from losing its protein, therefore. Keeping the hair healthy, to continue its growth.


This one is gonna sound a little bit weird but hear me out, Green tea leaves. You’ve probably heard about tea bags for the bags under your eyes. But green tea leaves are full of antioxidants and will help your eyelashes grow fast. Wet the tea leaves until they become manageable and put a whole bunch of them on your closed eyes, positioned on your lashes, leave it for a few minutes. Do the same every week. 

If you are anything like me. Whenever you see Asians, (this is more directly aimed at Koreans) you just cannot comprehend how the heck is their hair soooooo soft, so silky, so beautiful and long and straight? How is that possible. Their eyelashes are like a wild bush of black hair. It's so thick, it has become more and more difficult for me to detect which one has had cosmetic surgery done.


But as it happens, I found the reason. Ginseng is a root found in Asia. It has been used as a normal spice just like us using ginger. It does almost everything we have mentioned here for your hair, including the lashes. So treat yourself from now on with a Ginseng root in your food, drink, or as a supplement. 

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