What Is An Emulsion? [ Update 2021 ]


What is an emulsion? [ update 2021 ]

A water-based moisturizer that is very light does not have a sticky state that hydrates the skin and helps your skin absorb subsequent skin products better and more. Simply put, an emulsion is a lighter, thinner moisturizer.


Emulsions have many benefits for the skin. One of the important things that emulsions do on the skin is to help keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from evaporating.


The emulsion is ideal for people with oily skin because it is water based so that it does not clog pores and causes more oil or pimples. Simply put, emulsions are more absorbent than moisturizers, are lighter, and do not stick to the surface layer of the skin and are absorbed.


When to use emulsion?

The emulsion should be used after cleansing, toning, essence and serum and before moisturizing cream.


Ideal for use as a moisturizer under makeup.

Emulsions and skin types

For very oily skin, emulsion can be a great option as a final moisturizer in skin care and before sunscreen.


If you live in a very hot and humid place, emulsion can be a good alternative to heavy moisturizers.


Emulsion can be the best option to keep the skin cool and prevent moisture from evaporating in very hot weather.


For combination and acne prone skin: You can use specialized emulsions to control oil and pimples, etc. For example, emulsions with hyaluronic acid are excellent moisturizers for the skin that do not cause excess fat during hydration.


Normal skin: Emulsion has many benefits for normal skin, although you do not have any skin problems at all, you will enjoy hydration and nourishment and its benefits such as clarification, radiance, skin lightening and pore control, etc.


Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin should use soothing and nourishing emulsions such as collagen emulsion which is a great option for nourishing and hydrating and relieving skin inflammation.


But if you have dry skin! Emulsions will be your savior.


When you use emulsions and creams in your routine, the emulsions multiply the effects of the creams, and the creams can specialize in moisturizing your skin.


For much more hydration, you can use one or two drops of face oil mixed with your emulsion because the emulsion is a water-based moisturizer and when mixed with skin oil, you will have water and oil moisturizing at the same time.


Emulsions are therapeutic care products that pursue different goals on each person's skin.


Emulsions protect the skin from dryness, heat or extreme cold.

what difference is between an emulsion and a cream?

Emulsions nourish the skin and are a lighter version of moisturizing and moisturizing creams. Unlike most heavy face creams, emulsions are usually water-based, meaning they are lighter than creams. In some cases, emulsions come in the form of gels or almost liquids. But emulsions are absorbed much faster into the skin and have a greater penetration and absorption depth than creams.


Important properties of emulsions

 Two important properties in emulsions are stability and rheology. The stability of an emulsion is attributed to the length of time it can be marketed. It is clear that consumers do not buy a cream whose water and oil are separated. Therefore, the stability of an emulsion in the consumption period mentioned on it is very important. The sensation of an emulsion after application on the skin is expressed by the rheology parameter When to use face lotion Apply these moisturizers on your skin for less than a minute. 


The best time to apply the lotion

The best time to apply the lotion is at night. Of course, you can also use lotion during the day. But its effectiveness is higher at night. Lotions are lighter and less greasy than creams. For this reason, people with normal skin are more likely to use lotions just to keep their skin hydrated. These products are effective in summer or humid weather conditions. Lotions are easy to use and are a good choice for different areas of the body and wherever it is affected by dryness. If the skin on your face or body is very dry, you may need to use a variety of lotions. Face lotion is lighter than hand and body lotion. Facial skin is more sensitive than hand skin, so using face lotion is not suitable for hands and body and is almost ineffective. Applying facial moisturizer daily should be part of your skin care process. Facial lotion is easy to use and easily absorbed by your skin. 



 The emulsion can be used twice a day. Have the creams you want on your skin first morning and night before using. The use of emulsions depends on your specific needs. But if you want to find a lighter moisturizer for humid climates, or look for another layer of moisture to keep your skin from drying out, emulsions can certainly work.