What Are The Properties Of Night Serum With Retinol?


Evaluation of the properties of night serum with retinol

Retinol is also known as vitamin A1, and is basically the closest thing that we have to an elixir of youth, retinol has been known to be useful in anti-aging products, that means any product, any specifically labelled as an anti-aging product but with retinol might have effects to make you look more youthful, it may be a sunscreen with retinol or a moisturizer with retinol, but today, we are here to talk about night serum with retinol, night serum is just a face serum.


Among all of the anti-aging myths out there, retinol is probably the only thing that has been scientifically proven to help delay aging, and there hasn’t been any studies in its usage. 


Face serums are active nutrient molecules and can be used for many reasons, including moisturizing, it’s not a moisturizer itself, but has moisturizing effects.

Serum helps deliver the needed molecules, hydration and vitamins directly to the applied area rather than its natural distribution through our blood stream which can take a long time even if we receive enough. Our diet today does not have our required vitamins, antioxidants and protein, that’s why we have to use serums. nourishmax night serum


Since serums are not heavy creams, they’ll feel light on your skin, and most importantly, they get absorbed into your skin at record times, it will not only feel better but also have a better effect. 


Aside from anti-aging benefits with retinol, serums might also help with your skin texture over time, and while serums are not sunscreens, they do have effects to help with UV light protection to some extent. 

So Why use it at Night?

There is no law against using retinol during the day but retinol’s effects on your skin are best done at night, that’s the rest time for your skin, with the least facial expressions to prevent wrinkles.

In addition, retinol is naturally light sensitive as well, and may not do it’s best work in the presence of light, any light, that’s why it has been traditionally used at night. 

That’s why retinol products are best applied 30 minutes before sleep.


Why night serum with retinol?

If you are asking yourself, why not just use retinol from scratch? why use it with night serum? You should know that, first and foremost, retinol does its best job when other aspects are working perfectly, retinol is good, but it has its prerequisites, it’s basically like a great software that has to be installed on an operating system, so for example, if you have a protein deficiency in your skin, or some kind of a problem where a specific section of your face skin is sunburnt, what good is retinol then?

That’s where this almost magical combo shows its great effect, since the best time to use retinol is already at night, a night serum to help with hydration, moisturizing, absorption, antioxidants, and delivering other needed vitamins will not only speed up the process, but also increase its results. 

Retinol is not a prescription drug, it used to be in some countries, but today you can buy it over the counter, which is why you should always consider what other drugs or cosmetic products you are using at the same time, one way to overcome that is to limit the products to a few essential ones like your sunscreen and moisturizer  and a good combo for rejuvenation, like the night serum with retinol, the other way is of course to talk with a specialist to give you advice on how to use the products, but needless to say that is going to take some bucks, and it’s usually not a onetime session, if you use a doctor for your cosmetic advice, you have to go forever, because they usually schedule a program where you need to attend regular sessions or otherwise the program won’t be as effective as it should be (they claim). Having said all that, if you can afford it, or better said spare the expense, definitely use a medical professional for advice, or maybe even a program, on your cosmetic use of retinol, but if you can’t, we don’t believe it to be rocket science. All can be concluded in a sentence.


Apply retinol at night in conjunction with frequent moisturizing of your skin and never forget your sunscreen. And a great way to apply retinol with the right dosage would be the night serum with retinol.