What Are The Properties Of Natural Eyelash Serum? Update In 2021


What are the properties of natural eyelash serum? Update in 2021

When you hear the word “serum”, what comes to your mind? Needles, chemicals, doctors office with masks, right? 

That’s not necessarily true, today we are going to talk about Natural Eyelash Serums and their functions.


First of all, let's get something straight, we are not in the ancient middle east, when we say natural, it doesn’t mean, we cracked an egg open and we are going to apply it directly to your sensitive eyelashes. But instead, using research, it means they are going to use natural ingredients of the egg, like protein and fatty acids. Like stimulants that are found naturally in different plants, and utilising them for your eyelash’s growth and shine.  Here you can see and check a good eyelash serum ( nourishlash reviews )

And regarding serums, yes, sometimes serums are needles, and yes, sometimes needles are sometimes used for natural eyelash injection, but in today's world, we have multiple different needle-free injection technologies, specifically in the cosmetics industry. 


Now what's “The Perfect” eyelashes?

The perfect eyelashes are the ones that are full, long, thick, colorful and shiny. Not so coincidentally, these are all elements that a natural eyelash serum provides. Let's explain them, one by one.


How does it make your eyelashes full?

Full comes with growth, not quality of growth (that's each eyelash being long and we’ll get to that) but quantity of growth, believe it or not, your eyelashes are just dead proteins called keratin, now the equation seems simple, more protein, more eyelashes right?


Well, kind of. your body needs so much protein that when you eat high protein foods, it almost gets absorbed instantly, and I’m sure that most of you didn’t know that only 26% of red meat is protein, so this is where the natural eyelash serum shines, one of the properties in the natural eyelash serum is actually keratin, not just any protein, but keratin itself, and since its being applied directly, it all turns out to be your full eyelashes. 

Now let's talk about long lashes, as we mentioned, long lashes are the quality of growth, basically how long does each eyelash continue to grow before falling out. You might think long eyelashes are just for beauty, but actually it affects your eye health as well. Eyelashes are protecting the eye from direct sunlight and dust getting into the eye while it's open, kind of like a top hat for the eye. 


Now length comes back not only to keratin amount, but also the diameter of the follicles, what are the follicles you asked? 

Follicles are the holes in the skin where your eyelash comes out from, and if it’s diameter is small, the eyelash cannot grow much, it will stop growing when the diameter is full and falls out, because long eyelashes must have a larger diameter to support its length. Natural eyelash serum stimulates these follicles to increase their diameter and allow the eyelash to grow longer.


This is where we have to mention that these qualities are all interconnected, length, growth and thickness, it's best to just call all of them health.

A healthy eyelash is long and thick at the same time, this comes back to the speed of growth and the speed of follicle opening up, now this is where the natural part of the serum comes to play, if you would have used chemical serums, they might force the follicles to open up, and thus making the base of the eyelash thin.


It might shock you to know that the eyelash is naturally white, what gives it its color is a pigment called melanin, an amino acid based in the cells of eyelash follicle. Melanin is genetic, its created when you are born, so you can’t change its color, but you can stimulate the follicle cells to create melanin as needed, so the eyelashes would have a rich natural color, this is precisely why some people with natural light blond hair on their scalp have darker blond or even brown eyebrows and eyelashes, more melanin is produced there.

Having said all that, it’s important to note that when starting to use natural eyelash serum, you should use it regularly, just like anything else, for it to work, you need to use it with its instructions and regularly as it's needed.