What Are The Properties Of Facial Moisturizers For Dry Skin?


Check facial moisturizers for dry skin ( update for 2021 )

Moisturizers are mostly made up of water, the same water that comes out of your tap, maybe just a little bit PH controlled and Deionized, but that's not really super important, it's mainly for other ingredients mixing well. 


But the fact that moisturizers are mostly made up of water should make you think, so what's the difference between applying the moisturizer cream and washing my face frequently with pure water?

Well, a lot actually, when you wash your face with water, none of it gets absorbed, maybe just tiny and uncountable amounts, what a good facial moisturizer really does is exactly this functionality of making your skin absorb the water into its cell, that mission is accomplished for a moisturizing cream nourishmax . 


Depending on the level of dryness of the skin, it can get annoying, too much dress can even be dangerous, it might crack or get cut open easily. Not that you want an oily one, everything in moderation. But if you have a little bit drier skin, you are actually a bit luckier, because it's way easier and cheaper to moisturize a drier skin than drying an oily skin. 


Moisturizing creams come in all shapes and sizes and prices, as we mentioned earlier, they are all almost made up of water, that's why some of them are really loose. While a lot of moisturizers are good, it's best if you try multiple ones to see which one suits your skin best, remember, they haven’t made this cream specifically for your skin, and your skin is not rated anywhere, so try different brands and different components to find the one that is best for your skin, this goes back to the level of dryness, as we said before, they are made up of a lot of water but also other ingredients such as lactic acid or glycerine, which is a form of fat, so someone’s skin might need a product with more glycerine and less water while another one might need more water and less lactic acid, that’s why you have to find your own skin’s favorite. 

Moisturizers are not sunscreens, you still have to wear your sunscreen to protect your skin, also remember to wash your skin regularly and especially before applying the moisturizer to get all of the benefits, also remember to take vitamin and calcium supplements as your dry skin issue might be related to them as well, so always maintain a healthy balance.



Even a very dry skin will feel a lot better in Indonesia, this is not because of a Buddhist curse, and not for any mystical or spiritual reason either, this is just because the air is way more humid there, humid means more water in the air, so much where sometimes you can even see the water droplets forming on your cheeks, so your skin’s dryness might be because of the weather as well, people in more humid place tend to have a better skin glow, this is also why your skin feels a lot better when you get back from a holiday, weather, so what can you do about the weather? Nothing about the weather outside, but plenty about weather in your own house and workspace, buy a humidifier to make the room’s air more humid taking warm baths also helps, keyword here being bath not shower, unless you intended to stay in the shower for a very long time, which we don’t recommend.

But moisturizing your skin regularly and correctly has more benefits than just preventing dryness, for instance, it can help you look younger, because as we get older, our skin loses its natural ability to hold in moisture, your skin will also get a glow and shine, generally speaking a smooth, clean and shiny skin means properly taken care of. 


Moisturizing skin is also especially necessary for people with a more sensitive skin, because just like anything else in your body, without hydration, your cells cannot function as they should. moisturizing should not be limited to women, men should take their skin care seriously as well, but moisturizing daily, especially in the morning also offers a good base for makeup, and a protective layer between makeup chemicals and your precious face.