What Does Selfie Serum Do To Your Skin

what does selfie serum do to your skin


Your skin is one of the essential organs of your body that can reveal a lot about your mood and reflects how healthy you are inside. Most of us are looking for ways to have clear and luminous skin, trying various products that do not work as they should. Thus, we have decided to introduce the Best selfie serum and its effects on your skin.


what is selfie serum

What Is Selfie Serum?

The name might seem strange to most of you; however, it is one of the most effective solutions to give your face a radiant glow and stunning look. Selfie skin serum is a very lightweight serum essential to having a celebrity-looking face. It works by smoothening, refreshing, moisturizing, and brightening the skin. The name is derived from selfie photos. Since it works perfectly, you won't need to wear makeup or use various camera filters to take an awesome-looking selfie. All you need is a selfie serum. Regardless of the pores on your skin, a selfie serum will make them smoother without clogging. Furthermore, it eliminates wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, based on Nourishmax selfie serum reviews.

Unlike some serums, a selfie serum suits all skin types and turns a dull complexion into a glowing beauty. Those with rough and dry skin can also enjoy the benefits of making their skin soft and hydrated.

The Ingredients of Best Selfie Serums

Depending on the manufacturer, various ingredients are added to selfie serums, including hyaluronic acid, Revivyl, Aquaxyl, sparkling powder, and various vitamins such as vitamins C and E to help you have a brighter look. Below is a brief description of each ingredient used in the Selfie skin serum.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the top must-have ingredient of these serums, acting as a natural moisturizing agent by increasing water retention in skin layers. It eliminates fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Thus, you can give your skin a fresh and softer look using selfie serums containing hyaluronic acids.


Revivyl is extracted from a plant named Orobanche rapum, which removes dull and dead skin cells and gives you a smoother complexion. It also has an antioxidant quality and boosts the regeneration process, perfect for wound healing and covering scars and spots on the face.


Aquaxyl is also a natural plant that targets dehydrated and dry skin by improving water retention and circulation. 

Sparkling Powders

These powdered are seen in the ingredient list of most skincare products that give the glow and brightness you have been looking for in your skin for a long time.

Vitamin C

As an antioxidant, vitamin C nourishes the skin and enhances the skin's efficiency in producing collagen. It also protects the skin against ultraviolet rays. The brightening effect of selfie serums is due to their vitamin C content.

Vitamin E

You should be careful in choosing your Selfie skin serum regarding vitamin E content. Vitamin E is not suitable for oily skin and can make them prone to acne. But if you have dry skin, choosing a selfie serum with vitamin E would be great.

When to Use Selfie Serum

You can use selfie serum either in the morning or at night. However, pay attention to using it before applying any moisturizer or makeup. It is better to wash your face before applying the selfie serum.

Potential Harms

Selfie serum is safe; you can use it regardless of skin type. It suits both dry and sensitive skin, and none of its ingredients are harmful. These products are manufactured without paraben, alcohol, oils, or artificial colors. So, there is no need to worry about potential side effects while applying selfie serums.

the Ingredients of best selfie serums

Final Words

Best selfie serum is one of the skincare products that ensures the freshness and health of your skin, and you can use it on your skin without any side effects and take memorable selfie photos of your glowing and bright skin. 

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