What Is The Role Of The Butt For You To Have A Nice Figure?


There is so much to your buttocks than just its appearance, there are some underlying factors that make up what we know as “butt”. It is important to have a superb grasp on the entities that build up your buttocks.


While it may not be a compulsory task to know the various aspects of your buttocks, it will come in handy to have an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of your buttocks, especially if you want to alter its outlook naturally.


A cute pair of bubbly butts are a sight for sore eyes but it will be interesting to know what really makes them look the way they do. The main parts of your buttocks are divided into;



Subcutaneous fat


Bone Structure



The part of your skeleton that forms the floor of your buttocks, is your pelvic bone. This is the part of your posterior that can neither be enhanced nor altered. Women generally have wider pelvic bones than men, to facilitate easy childbirth. A wider pelvis makes the femur to be wider than normal resulting in buttocks that are wider in shape.




Part of the bulk of your buttocks is formed by muscles. The main muscles that form the shape of the buttocks are the Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus. These muscles can be activated to enhance your butt’s shape, thanks to Gluteus Maximus; the largest muscle in your body. It is also the muscle responsible for virtually all the activities manned by your lower half.

Exercise can increase the size of the muscles and since the muscles of the glutes lying just beneath the skin, their increase are usually noticeable. However, it is important to keep in mind that the muscles of your glutes can either be really powerful or plain weak.



In general, fat lying beneath the layer of the skin is termed “subcutaneous” and this is the type of fat found in your glutes. Some individuals erroneously associate fat with being bad and dangerous, but the in all candour, it is very vital to have some fat deposited in some areas of your body.


The subcutaneous fat in your butt spreads over the muscles of your glutes. When tucked in the right places and quantity, there are a beauty to behold. The importance of adipose tissue in your buttocks cannot be overplayed. The fat in your butt acts as a cushion when you sit.


Fat in the posterior of women is more than that of men because of hormones which boost the deposition of fat in the glutes and hips. The fat in your buttocks determines how shapelier and curvy you’ll look.




The skin is the outermost layer which conceals the muscles, fat and bone of your buttocks. It hold every in place. Common problems which plague the skin includes; cellulite, stretch marks andsaggy skin.


Just like the popular saying goes “beauty is skin deep”, improving the appearance of your butt goes deeper than you think. Many people who do not want drastic procedures like surgeries, turn to contemporary means like boosting their hormone levels to affect the deposition of fat.


These contemporary means include use of butt growth pills and a butt lotion.  Butt enhancement supplements and butt enhancement cream contain natural ingredients that mimic the activity of the female sex hormones to promote the synthesis and storage of glutofemoral fat.


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