Types Of Surgical Butt Enhancement And The Risks Involved


Types Of Surgical Butt Enhancement And The Risks Involved in 2021

Butt augmentation/Enhancement also known as Gluteoplasty, is the surgical process through which surplus fat is removed from or added to the butts, to amplify, enhance and sculpt the size and shapes of the butt.


Butt augmentation started at about the year 1969 when the news of the first butt surgery performed by Dr. RJ Bartels was published in medical journals. Since then, there have been reports of women going under the knife to enhance their butts, howbeit in trickle numbers.


Now, butt augmentation had become a trendy concept starting from when the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, outrightly made it public that they went under the knife to make their butts bigger and rounder.

These days, butt augmentation is one beauty surgery that is rising and growing with each day that passes, although in different types of procedures.


There are different types of butt augmentation procedures known to be performed by butt surgeons, and they are as follows.


Types Of Butt Augmentation Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift / Fat Grafting

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical butt enhancement procedure that entails the transfer of surplus fat, from body parts with excess fat such as the stomach, thighs, and hips and inserted into the upper part of the buttocks to make up for the lack or less of essential fat in the butts.






If a patient is on the fatty side, care should be taken as not to add excess weight, to avoid fluctuations of the shape of the new fat in the butt.

Due to the low retention rate of the fat, the fat grafting procedures are repeated over a while.

Due to the removal of fat from the body in large volume, this could cause some organs to misbehave or malfunction.

Recovery is painful and stressful.

Patients can suffer from fat embolism, in which fat gets trapped in a blood vessel, and causes a truncation of blood flow.

Buttock Implants


This butt enhancement procedure requires that silicone implants are inserted into the butts. The sizes of these silicone implants vary, and the insertion is dependent on the size the patient opts for.


To insert the silicone implants into the butts, the surgeon will make a vertical cut on each cheek of the butt, and insert the silicone implants into the opening.




There are possibilities that the silicone implants might be infected before the surgery, and this can cause health problems for the patients after the surgery.

There could be unnecessary movement of the silicone implants.

The silicone implants stand the risk of leaking.

Butt Injections /Injectable


This butt enhancement procedure requires that a substance is administered into the butts. This substance can either be liquid silicone or hydrogel. These substances will fill the butts, and make it bigger.




During this process, different illegal and harmful substances can be inserted into the butts, such as tire sealant and glue, which cause chronic pain, swelling, scars, ulcers, and even weaken the immune system.



All in all, surgical butt enhancement procedures are way too risky, painful and unhealthy for anyone with a good head on their shoulders to want to undergo.


There is a more sure way of getting bigger and rounder butts naturally, without going through any of the procedures mentioned above.


That sure and harmless way is through the using of naturally manufactured butt enhancement supplements and butt lift creams.


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