The 5 Formation Phases Of Cellulite


The Formation Phases of Cellulite

We know that orange peel look on the skin to be cellulite – the accumulation of fat cells underneath the skin. These fat cells are known to clump up and push themselves against the connective tissues under the skin and compress each other, causing the dimples that are on the skin.


This has been a problem that ladies from different spheres of life have been combating through the use of various anti-cellulite products such as the cellulite removal cream and more expensive treatment methods. Cellulite doesn't depend on body size or shape, which makes it hard to tell the cause of its appearance on individuals.


Some statistics show that over 90 percent of women have it with most of them willing to spend a lot to get rid of it. The medical field had ignored it for so long since it had never been considered to be a medical condition with serious effects. However, with the surge in the cosmetic industry, cellulite has started gaining more recognition.






While we still try to figure out the specific reasons why women get cellulite, it is imperative to know much about the development stage. This would help us identify it and know how to tackle it on time.


1. First Phase


The impairment of venous flow, elimination of lymphatic waste and blood microcirculation on the subcutaneous layer of the skin would result in the formation of cellulite. Basically, at this stage, the inhibition of blood flow and other processes would weaken the surrounding tissues and cause more fluid retention. Cellulite gradually develops around the regions where this happens.


2. Second Phase


During this period, blood veins and capillaries become weak and start damaging. This could even cause the blood to leak from the vessels and would cause problems with circulation and drainage. The result? Tenderness, skin discoloration and some bruising around those areas.


3. Third Phase


Due to the long period of lymphatic drainage impairment and damage of the blood vessels, the fat tissues begin to swell and press themselves against the skin. Dimples start to appear on the skin during this phase.


4. Fourth Phase


By now, your body begins to develop thickened fibers due to the drainage damages and poor circulation. Also, a merging between nutrient-deprived cells and fibers takes place; the fibers become harder and thicker. You begin to see lumps on your skin and even feel cold areas.


5. Fifth Phase


More fat cells get trapped within the fiber that is formed below the skin due to all the problems stated earlier. The sad thing is that dieting and working out are not enough to combat cellulite at this stage because the energy expended is not sufficient to break the fat cells.


Does this mean that cellulite can't be gotten rid of?

Of course, not!


A top anti-cellulite cream with some massage would be more than enough to take care of cellulite at this stage. However, if your cellulite hasn’t gotten to the final stages, you can still prevent it using a good cellulite removal lotion.


There are so many products in the market with claims that they all work, but the truth is that many of them do little.


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