Should I Use A Cellulite Lotion ??


Should I use a Cellulite Lotion?

Everybody likes a smooth and healthy skin. Nothing seems worse than the lumpy-looking cellulite bumps on some areas of your skin. This ugly dimples and lumps on the skin surface can be embarrassing especially among women who are the primary victims.

What is Cellulite?

It is a skin condition called Gynoid lipodystrophy by medical experts. It deals with fat storage in different parts of the body.


However, research has shown that cellulite is not all about the presence of fat cells in the body, but how this fat is stored in the areas beneath the skin surface.


It is a common belief that cellulite is just fat cells that form a dimpled appearance on the skin surface of aged women.

Are Old People the Only Victims of Cellulite?

Nope. Both old and young are at the risk of developing cellulite. Among the younger victims of cellulite, besides genetics, the major causes of cellulite is unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.


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These unhealthy lifestyle choices lead to increase in body fat and increase the risk of cellulite development at a young age. Losing weight is sometimes not enough to reduce cellulite appearance. Tackling cellulite is no easy task. This has frustrated many women who have this condition.


But with the combination of a top quality anti-cellulite lotion, the right amount of exercise and a healthy eating habit, you'll eventuality be free from cellulite.


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Do only Fat People get Cellulite?

No. Cellulite becomes more visible with body fat, but it also develops in slim people. As earlier mentioned, having body fat doesn't cause cellulite. How this fat is stored in certain areas of the body influences the formation of cellulite.


Keep in mind that cellulite contains trapped lumps of fat that won't burn off on its own. So healthy eating and workouts will help flush out these lumps of fat, returning your skin to its smooth, flawless nature.

Is Liposuction the Best Treatment for Cellulite?

The answer is no. Liposuction is not the best remedy to get rid of cellulite. The therapy is a harmful one. Reports from several men and women who have explored the option of liposuction show that it does more harm than good. The procedure has some adverse side effects.


Liposuction sometimes worsens the cellulite appearance. In some cases, dead skin, swelling, fluid imbalance, organ failure, and sometimes death have accompanied the operation.

How to reduce cellulite fast

Fact is, exercise and healthy dieting are effective anti-cellulite remedies. But the results from these two will take a long to show. To get a faster result, you should also apply a cellulite cream while you stick to your healthy lifestyle.


Cellulite lotions will bring faster results, but it will also not be overnight. Consistent application and patience are needed to get and sustain results.




While cellulite usually is more pronounced in fat people and gets worse with age, young and fit people are not free from the condition.


While there are different therapies for cellulite, liposuction should be scratched off the list.


Your best bet against cellulite remains a combination of a healthy living and a top anti-cellulite cream.