What Are The Benefits Of Night Serum For The Face?


Night serum for face benefits ( update in 2021 )

The first thing that you see in another person is their face. And whether your skin is full of pimples and rashes, or beautiful, smooth, and glowing, says a lot about you. What a person might see in that, is the fact of whether you care enough about yourself to take proper care of your skin. If you don’t care about yourself, why would they?

Taking care of your skin might be time-consuming and expensive. If you relate to that sentence, you are probably doing it wrong. Your skin needs a few key ingredients to glow like a superstar. Nourishmax Reviews ( night serum product )


The first thing that your facial skin needs to glow like a disco ball, is water, the elixir of life. Our body is mostly made up of water, then it would be able to function as it should. When you consider that 60% of our body is just water, do you think that you are drinking enough? Be honest with yourself. That’s the first step to fixing problems. The truth is that even if you want to, you might not be able to drink enough water. Sometimes it's just physically impossible. No matter how much water you drink, a lot of your organs will eat that up and some of it will be exited from down there. So, to give your skin the water it needs, the best way would be to moisturize it twice a day. 


Vitamin C

Just because you are moisturizing, doesn’t mean that your skin is actually getting the hydration that it needs. Hydration is a process of attracting water molecules to gather near the skin cells for the cells to keep absorbing them as they are being evaporated through heat and sunlight, that is just one of the functions that Vitamin C does. Other things that vitamin c does include promoting immune system functions. And if you are asking yourself, what does the immune system do in my skin?

You should know that there are literally thousands of bacteria and viruses floating around in the air, wherever you are, whether inside or outside (unless you are in one of those cold and clean-smelling private doctor's offices). These are just some of the reasons that we need Vitamin C.

Hyaluronic Acid

This so-called “ACID” is actually usually produced in your body, but only if you are completely healthy and are getting all the nutrients needed, and for most people, the answer is no and no. If you don’t get hyaluronic acid in your skin, be worried, there are actual risks. I mean, forget about beauty, if you lack enough hyaluronic acid, wrinkles will start to appear. Hyaluronic along with 2 kinds of proteins are the substances that are holding your skin firm. 


Glycolic acid

Your skin’s complexion changes with time and sunlight, that’s how we get tan. That’s where glycolic acid plays its role. Again, with the acid thing, don’t freak out, it's actually used in most products. They make this naturally from sugar canes and there are industry-grade chemicals involved. Glycolic acid clears out dead skin cells and makes way for new and fresh skin cells to appear on the top outer layer of the skin. 


Lots and Lots of other vitamins and antioxidants


This list is actually never-ending, some numerous vitamins and antioxidants are necessary for healthy skin, and many more that would be beneficial. The essential list includes vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A (also known as retinol and widely believed to have anti-aging benefits), and of course antioxidants, to reduce inflammation and redness which might be caused by skin conditions or due to weather and sunlight UV exposure. They also have soothing benefits. 

All of this sounds like 24/7 care, at this point you probably think that you need like 100 different pills and supplements and creams, but actually if it's managed well, that’s not necessary. Products like Night serum can gather more than half of this list’s essential requirements for your skin. 


So, try to use night serum every night, or every two nights before bed. Be sure to clean your face and let the serum get absorbed into your facial skin in less than 15 minutes.