Yeah! Men Love Plump Butts


Every man certainly loves a very “bright future.” It is like men have been pre-wired to love big, round, soft, plump butts as it strikes a nerve in their central nervous system. Men like to imagine how those pillow-like butts would feel in their hands.


Butts are practically off limits to touch and most times tagged danger zones, and this makes men want it more. Forbidden fruits arouse curiosity and in most cases are the sweetest. Big butts and wider hips often account for a narrow waist thus making it easy for men to rest their hands comfortably.


Men are moved by what they see; it’s that simple. Once they see a pretty lady, they will assess every part of her body, her face, boobs and most especially her butts and if they like what they see they will brace themselves to strike.




Women cuddle teddies; men cuddle butts


Once in a while, if not all the time, we all feel the urge to cuddle something. Ladies love to cuddle teddies because of their soft and fluffy nature while men would like just to feel the warmth of a round plump butt, it does turn them on. It also serves as a pillow to them as it feels squishy to touch.


Higher fertility rate


As shocking as it might seem, health experts postulate that women with big butts have wider hips thus, making it easier for them to give birth. Men are subconsciously attracted to this feature as it proves curvy wide-hipped ladies ‘scientifically fit’ for childbearing.




Socially mature


Ladies with big butts are deemed to possess and show traits that are socially mature, probably because they get a lot of date advances from mature men. Men often see this as an ego booster especially if they have such ladies as their spouse.


Popular in demand


Ladies with butts are quite popular in today’s society. They are seen everywhere; on the streets, in the park, on the bus. The media is damn saturated with these endowed ladies ranging from celebrities to video vixens. Every hit music video has an endowed lady doing a twerk dance. Most TV commercials you come across often have big-butted ladies in them. Most organizations have such ladies as it is deemed to attract prospective clients.


How you can get yours


Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. We now know why men love big butts and how it drives them crazy. The question is ‘do you have a big butt?’ Stop fretting because you are in the right place. We can’t bring you this far without offering you a solution.