Make Your Butt Bigger In Two Weeks!


Make Your Butt Bigger In Two Weeks!

You read that right! You can get an ass-tounding butt in just two weeks! No implants, no Brazilian butt lift, just butt exercises combined with butt enhancement supplements and creams. And not to worry, the butt enhancement treatments are plant-based, so the risk of sprouting ugly side-effects is virtually non-existent.


Curious? We’ll walk through the “hows” together.  Note that although the following exercises work for building butt, for a quicker and visible result, a good butt lotion or butt enhancer pills is highly recommended as you can never go wrong with those.

We’ll look at two efficient exercises to gain big butt in two weeks.  While these methods may seem rigorous if you’re new to working out, but with a butt cream that works, it’s still doable plus 100% safer than butt enhancement surgeries where you’d get sedated, cut open, with the risk of infections from contaminated equipment on the side. Plus, you can proudly say your butt is REAL!


Also, these exercises don’t just fetch you a bigger butt; they help tone your glutes, fight wrinkles and cellulite giving you a curvier, and sexier rear. Do these two butt-targeting routines yourself in addition to butt enhancement creams or butt pills, and you’ll notice a huge difference in less than 14 days.

Butt Bridge

Lie straight on your back with your hands at your sides and your palms flat on the floor. Then, fix your feet firmly on the ground a little past your butt.


With your hand shoulder-width apart and pressed against the floor, raise your hips until your torso is aligned or raised a bit above your legs. Remain in this position for some seconds and then lift one foot from the floor and straighten your leg, with the lifted foot held above your body.  Drop your foot, and then lower your hips, so you’re back to the initial posture.

Repeat the same moves on the other side, and work towards four reps per side.


Things to note

Before you begin the bridge, keep your abdominal muscles taut as the routine is as crucial for the abdomen as it is for the glutes.

To ensure your form stays strong in this routine, always make sure your torso remains straight while lifting. Avoid letting your back bend in any way while at it.

Lastly, aid the routine with a top butt enhancer cream and a butt supplement.

Donkey Kick That Ass out!

This routine is simple to do. Begin on all fours with hands shoulder width apart and knees directly positioned below the hips. Leaving one knee on the floor, raise the other leg as you arch your abdominal muscles. Lift the leg until it is opposite the ceiling and your knee is parallel to the rest of your frame.  Stay in the position and slowly guide your knee back to the initial position.


Attempt up to 4 reps of 15 per leg

Things to note

If being on all fours would be challenging for you, you can use a pillow or a good exercise mat. The extra cushion will lessen the pressure on the knees

There are no rules; some may prefer completing a set on one leg before switching to the next. Others, on the other hand, prefer to change between the legs within the same rep. Try both and see what works for you.



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Know other quick butt growth routine you’d like to share with others? Let us know in the comments.