Low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

Low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

Low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

Tight on budget? Here are some low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

We know how difficult it is dealing with increasing number of bills. The bills keeps increasing while our income is pretty fixed.

 Low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

Every now and then we are inundated with cosmetics products from various manufacturers. There is always a tendency to add one more mascara, foundation, or lash boosters to our growing collection of beauty products. However, when we think of our income and the number of bills we need to pay, we take a step back.

For lash boosters, it is difficult to know where to place it on the priority list. However if you feel investing in longer lashes is worth it, then you should go for it. There are several low cost ways of obtaining longer lashes naturally.

Massage the eyelids

Massaging the eyelids is a great way to stimulate the hair follicles of your lashes. If you do this consistently you will notice an improvement in the health of your lashes. Apply natural oil such as castor oil on your fingers and gently massage the eyelids with your fingers. Do this for about 10 minutes for optimum result.

 Low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

Condition your lashes

Your eyelashes are hairs as well they need conditioning to make them grow healthily. You can condition your eyelashes by using lash enhancers and moisturizers that are inexpensive and high quality. When conditioning the eyelashes, ensure whatever solutions you are using gets to the root of the lashes to prevent your eyelids from becoming greasy.

Revitalash eyelash growth serum reviews

Homemade lash serum

I bet you never knew you could make your lash serum in your home. Well there actually homemade concoctions, but who cares, as long as they produce results. So how do you make it? Pretty much easy. Mix coconut oil and essential oil together. Then add a little bit of lavender essential oil for additional nourishment.

Coconut oil contains fatty acid that helps strengthen the lashes while lavender oil helps improves blood flow to the hair follicles leading to the supply of nutrients for growth. 

 Low cost ways of achieving longer lashes

Lash serum

Using eyelash serum is the best choice so far as they are the certain way to grow longer eyelashes. Don’t be deceived by some beauty experts who tell you to buy expensive eyelash growth serums to get a quick result. For the best experience,Try to find an eyelash serum which is made up of natural ingredients. We ranked the best eyelash growth serum products click to see!


Deciding to get longer lashes shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can still look beautiful without spending a lot of money on lash boosting products. These products described here can add extra length to your lashes.



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