How To Make CBD Suppositories? [ Update In 2021 ]


When weeds are supplanted at the request of doctors?

While most patients enjoy smoking in their treatment or eating food, for some it may not be an option. Rectal suppositories are found in the Canadian medical market, where patients are able to absorb much more cannabis and more efficiently. It is not yet known whether this delivery system will become more popular, but doctors believe that this system fills the necessary oid gap for some patients.


Benefits of CBD Suppositories

So lets combine what we know about CBD and what we know about suppositories. we now have an excellent way to get the benefits of CBD that will be highly bioavailable!


Not only this but we get the benefits of CBD locally to this area. Therefore, some can use CBD as a way to relax or relieve anxiety before sex.


It is also incredibly powerful for women that might suffer from painful periods.


If you are suffering from menstrual cramps  a CBD suppository could be a great way to relieve the tension and pain.


A study showed that CBD inserted vaginally relieved extreme cramps in 20 minutes.

Medical needs

Over the years, Canada has seen a steady increase in medical cannabis use. Now, more than half of the people at one time have accepted the use of cannabis. With the implementation of the new legal regulations this summer, doctors are studying all the ways in which cannabis enters the human body.


Canada has a large number of patients who trust cannabis oil. Although oils are legal, many pharmacies refuse to carry groceries because they remain illegal under Canadian health law. The few pharmacies that produce groceries do so at the risk of being attacked and shut down.

Herbal Suppositories

CBD can be combined with other herbs to make a vaginal pessary or suppository for specific actions. Calendula and thyme are powerful anti-fungals so you can add these to protect and work against candida infections.


St John’s Wort relaxes the nerves and has anti-viral properties, so may help with HPV.


I love to use rose as it is anti-inflammatory, cooling and of course connects the womb to the heart.

Suppository is a new method for swallowing

Doctors in Canada have studied cannabis suppositories in an attempt to give patients different prescriptions. They have not yet found real appeal in the medical cannabis community, probably because of the less-than-desirable delivery method. But doctors reassure patients that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.


How to CBD Suppositories

It is really simple! You can flex this recipe according to the amount you want to make, so I’ve just provided the ratios!


1 part coconut oil

2 parts cocoa butter

1 part Yūgenial CBD Elixir


Herbal infused oils of your choice (this is when a herb has been infused in an oil such as almond or olive so you can make this yourself!)

All you do is melt the cocoa butter with the coconut oil and the Yūgenial CBD elixir. You can also add in your herbs at this stage and once melted you can pour into moulds and they will harden in the fridge or freezer.


Once you are ready to use you can insert them in your private parts and they will gently melt providing soothing relief.


Mikhail Kogan, Medical Director of the Center for Integrated Medicine at George Washington University, says.


Mikhail Kogan believes that suppositories may be the ideal method of delivery. But patients are still skeptical.


"Rectal is much preferred because of the amount of absorption. You can buy a lot more and it absorbs much better, but not everyone uses it that way," said Mikhail Kogan.


The suppository is ideal for very sick patients. Especially for those who need immediate relief and more volume of cannabis. In addition, patients who do not want the effects of psychedelics benefit from this delivery system.


While cannabis suppositories are relatively new in the mainstream market, it is interesting to see if this method of introduction is gaining popularity or vice versa.

CBD Suppository Controversy!

Many of you will be thinking- NO WAY- I do not want to put something up my bottom!


This is totally fine! But I do want to help allay any concerns around safety.


There is a slight paradox that anything natural promoting vaginal health such as herbal suppositories or yoni steaming is automatically side-lined and condemned to hippy, witchy nonsense.


When we have plenty of products that millions of people use on a daily basis  such as hygiene products, wet wipes etc… that contain synthetic chemicals and other things that generally do not have a good impact on our health!


Tampons are a big annoyance for me because they are so unsustainable, produced using so many pesticides, bleaching chemicals and contain dioxins that have clearly been linked with endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease!


So I know what I would rather be putting up my faffaloo and that is definitely a calming, uplifting CBD suppository made with my own hands using ingredients I trust and know where they have been!