Facts About Butt Injections In 2021

Facts About Butt Injections in 2021

Getting shots in the butts is one of the methods through which women get their butts enhanced and increased. This surgical butt enhancement method seems so easy, cheap, and stress-free, as it entails just injecting substance such as Hydrogel and Silicone into the buttocks.


As easy as it seems in the public’s eyes, there are some mysteries enshrouded around butt injections that makes it one of the deadliest and dangerous butt enhancement method. These mysteries are what we aim to unravel with this article.


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They Are Not Legalized.

There is nowhere in this world where butt injections are allowed to be administered in the hospitals. Most butt injections are administered either in shanty places or hotels, by unprofessional quacks. This is because the substance administered through the injection, such as silicon and hydrogel, have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Harmful Substances Are also Injected In The Butt.

Asides from silicon and hydrogel, these unprofessional quacks also inject harmful substances such as cement, paraffin, and tire fluids into the butts. These substances can cause deformity to the body, and can even lead to death.


Weakens The Immune System

Regardless of the instant results, you might get through butt injections, as time goes by, the substances in the injections depolymerize into substances such as Neurotoxin, a dangerous substance which changes the structure of the nervous system, and how it works.

Also, the immune system is weakened, giving room for complications such as limbs deformity, infections, swelling in the legs, weakness, and malfunctioning of body organs, bleeding, kidney malfunction, and even death. After which


The Result Is Temporary

Whatever result you get with butt injections, it is short-lived. The maximum duration for the butt injected with butt injections to stay big is ten months. And patients have to go back to be injected again and again.


They Are Painful And Discomforting

Butt injection procedures are very painful. When the injections are administered into the body, it causes discomfort to the body, making it difficult for the patients to sit on her butts for more than a month.


They Are Cheap

Butt injections are the cheapest surgical butt enhancement procedure. For a token of $100, you can get a shot of butt injection. The fact that it is cheap makes it the most common and widespread butt enhancement procedure.



Having a big butt is a beautiful and awesome thing, but administering butt injections is not worth the risk at all. Butt injections are risky and dangerous to health. So it is advisable that women who want to enhance their butts should make use of organic butt pills and butt creams.