We all love the yummy, scrumptious and buttery feel that takes over our mouth when we eat avocado pears. This fruit which was once indigenous to the Mediterranean region, has now warmed its way to our hearts and buttocks

It is pure coincidence that women crave figures that look just like an avocado pear. There are quite a lot of dietary interventions that will increase the size of your booty without side effects. Did you know that eating avocado pear has a direct link to boosting how curvy your derriere will be? We’ll tell you how.


We love to call this verdant, sumptuous superfood fruit “a balanced diet in berry” because it has all the nutrients you need for a health and functional system. For example, 100g of this fruit contains 160kcal, high fiber, low sugar, high amount of healthy fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. The vitamins include; Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E and K.

Minerals in Avocado pear includes calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, sodium and potassium. More than half of an avocado pear is made up of water. In addition, this healthy snack contains carotenoids and phytosterols.


The fats in avocado pear is what will make your derriere look pear-shaped. Nearly 75% of the energy supplied by this fruit is gotten from fat. The predominant fat in this berry is monosaturated fat, other fats in the pear include linoleic acid and palmitic acid.

The fats in avocado pear are very good your body, they are transported to the areas of your body where you want them to be and they stay there permanently. It is important to eat this fruit in portions and combine with a good fitness plan. 


While avocado pear may seem like the next perfect thing to sliced bread, it is important to note that may sometimes pose a challenge especially for individuals who are allergic to avocado. A group of the allergen sufferers experience the symptoms in their oral cavity a short while after eating avocadoes, while some others experience urticarial, vomiting and abdominal aches from a condition commonly referred to as latex allergy.

If you are allergic to avocadoes, you can eat your way to a pear shape. But for women who suffer from allergies to avocadoes or women who dislike the fruit, there are other healthy means to increase the protective layer of fat around your lower body.


Increasing the size of your buttocks by using a butt pill and a butt cream that works effectively is not a myth. Women who have used the hormone-free, pain-free means of increasing their buttocks and hips are satisfied with their results so fat.

Butt enhancement supplements contain potent herbal extracts which have been proven to boost the volume of the buttocks by increasing the rate at which fat cells are deposited. Butt lotion works by increasing the rate at which adipose tissues are produced in the lower body.

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