Does A Clear Complexion Mattifier Apply To Oily Skin?


Does a clear complexion mattifier apply to oily skin? [ update for 2021 ]

Mattifiers are used to make your makeup look better, by reducing the shine and oil. As the name suggests, mattifiers make your makeup matte, it will give it a slick and smooth look. But can you apply a mattifier to oily skin? Let's find out.

First of all, we need to understand how mattifiers work. Mattifiers absorb the oil produced by the skin, and doing this won’t allow this excess oil to ruin your makeup. Mattifiers do this with an absorbent called Talc. Talc is a powdered substance and is similar to clay. Before we go any further, we need to get familiar with another substance.


Sebum is crucial for keeping your skin healthy. It’s an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin. Sebum is naturally produced to protect your skin. Using its oily texture, will reduce the water lost from your skin, therefore keeping your skin hydrated as much as possible. It also protects your skin from bacterias bacteria by catching them in its oily texture, not allowing them to enter the skin through its follicles. NourishMax Clear Complexion Mattifier


But this very useful and vital substance is also the cause of some types of acne, and more importantly here, oily skin. Oily skin can be problematic, but there are ways to control it, like washing your face frequently with warm water, until the oily feel is lost from it, then, dry out your face using a towel because some of the oil will not wash out with just water. Moisturize your skin regularly, as one of the reasons that sebum gets produced is signs of dehydration which leads to the glands producing sebum to protect the water in your skin from drying out. If your skin is excessively oily, use an oil-free moisturizer. 

Oily skin can also misrepresent your skin tone. We all want smooth and even skin, but this condition will prevent that. It’s all notable to mention the sun’s role in all of this. If we are going to have to blame something for all of our skin problems, it's going to be the sun, that’s not just because of its UVB light damage to our skin, but you might not know that it's actually the sun that forces your sebaceous glands to produce sebum. That’s why people with oily skin will have even more problems in hotter and sunnier weather, the opposite also goes for cool and humid weather, and that’s where moisture comes in. The sun essentially makes the water in your skin’s top layer evaporate and that’s why sebaceous glands produce sebum to keep your skin moist.


Mattifiers' job doesn't end at oil absorption, they also control oil production and reduce the shine on your complexion to make the skin perfectly matte. Mattifiers also help your makeup last longer, by providing a great base for primers and moisturizers and not allowing oil to get mixed with your makeup.



Mattiffiers Mattifiers also help you control your acne. Acnes are basically the oils that are on the surface of your face, getting puddled into skin pores, therefore allowing bacteria to regenerate and make acne. 


Another benefit of mattifiers is that they can be used in conjunction with other products like primers and moisturizers. Mattifiers are also used by people who have combination skin, like oily cheeks but dry in other places, these people should use mattifiers strategically by applying them only to the oily areas of the skin.


Complexion mattifiers can be applied to oily skins, mattifiers mostly come in the form of a lotion, this is because a lotion, is usually made up of 2 different liquid that can’t coexist with each other, like oil and water, but using the absorbent component, like Talc or Silicone Elastomer, it possible to create a paste-like substance, and then adding the other liquid as droplets, thus giving us a mattifying lotion. 

While powdered and gel-like mattifiers also exist, most prefer the lotion type, because of ease of applying, a powdered form is not only harder to carry and use, but also, depending on your skin’s oiliness, the powder might wear out soon.