Is Vape CBD Water Used For Energy Supply?


Is Vape CBD water used for energy supply?

Vaping seems to be millennial’s new cigarette. The older generation was so crazy about cigarettes, at some point they even smoked on airplanes. But a new technology was introduced later on known as E-cigarette, also known as an electronic cigarette. It was initially invented to help people get off cigarettes, but “millennials happened”.


Out of that legacy, Vape was born, vape is short for vaporizer and as the name very clearly suggests, it vaporizes liquids into smoke. You can vape anything from tobacco, essential oils, and marijuana.  medaims reviews

While there is a lot of noise out there about how vaping can be bad and even worse than smoking, and some other people claiming that it's healthy and that “It’s basically like drinking juice because you are inhaling fruit extract”. But the truth of the matter is that we just don’t know for sure whether it's good or bad. Vaping hasn't been around for a long time and scientific studies take a long time and need to be done over a large sample of the population to have accurate results. We have none of those. But what we do know is that vaping might be better than smoking for several reasons. 


First of all, most of what you inhale is either water or other substances. When you smoke a tobacco cigarette, what you are inhaling is 100% tobacco which includes the nicotine, but when you vape, most of what you are putting in your body is probably water or other substances and the nicotine or marijuana content of that substance might be minimal. That’s why it's known to be better than smoking.


Secondly, with vaping, you are in control of how much you smoke. Unlike traditional smoking where if you’ve started to smoke you have to finish the joint, otherwise you are basically throwing money away, vape juice doesn't go bad, you even get high out of expired vape juice, there are reports that it is completely safe.

The liquid that goes into the vape pen is known as E-liquid or E-juice or vape Juice. The content of the liquid can vary. There's usually a substance like nicotine or marijuana, an oily substance like vegetable glycerine, and the same food flavoring that we find in our store-bought ice creams which contains water as well. Some e-liquids contain both nicotine and marijuana to give a better stimulant to the inhaler. 


The flavoring is simply to make it more delicious and better tasting. 

The oily substance is usually to thicken the whole liquid in order to bring the vaporization point, the temperature where the liquid changes it form from liquid to smoke, lower. Vaporization point is also known as evaporation point or boiling point. 


And the nicotine or marijuana extract is added for..., well, cause it's awesome and people seem to like it. So as all businesses know, give the customer what they want. They are basically added because the customer asks for them.


But a new product has made a new more convenient way. They have cut the nicotine or marijuana extract and the oily part, instead, they have replaced all of it with CBD, which is a naturally extracted chemical known as cannabidiol, from the Sativa cannabis plant. Vaping CBD will both deliver the marijuana extract and its oil in itself, so there is no need for another oily substance.


Cannabidiol is also used in many cosmetic products because of its anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. It's also used to relieve pain since ancient Egypt. Since cannabidiols have been used to treat depression and anxiety as well a lot of people have been using them as a do-it-yourself anti-stress treatment. 

CBD oil has a very cooling sensation to it, so much so that it's used in cooling creams. So, when smoking, you might feel like you are inhaling peppermint. 

CBD is probably the most natural thing that is possible to smoke or vape. There are a lot of different brands that offer different kinds of CBDs, from full spectrum to distilled CBD, but the most popular CBD vape juice is the one used for energy. Some people say it's better than a Red Bull.


It’s important to understand that using anything out of the ordinary would be bad. Even if you drink too much water, at a certain point there is a condition called, water intoxication best known as hyponatremia. So, while Vaping is better than smoking, using it too much would probably be harmful.