does stress cause cellulite?

Cellulite is a beauty defect that is often characterized by lumpy bumps and dimples on the skin. There are so many causes of cellulite ranging from unhealthy dieting, smoking, excess fat to environmental toxins. These are the most common causes of cellulite. However, people often disregard stress as a cellulite bringer as it doesn’t seem feasible.


Medical experts often describe stress as a slow predator that eventually weakens and in most cases exterminates its prey. A recent research conducted in the US affirmed stress to be the sole bringer of depression and other mental-related defects. Another study also verified that stress often leads to low blood pressure which subsequently leads to poor lymphatic circulation; an inevitable cause of cellulite.

What Causes Stress?

There are several causes of stress ranging from over-thinking to frustration. A recent survey conducted in the US verified that people who kept 9-5 jobs experienced daily reprimanding from their superiors. Such reprimands were traced to accumulate stress in these workers thus, pushing them to vent their frustration by indulging in some unhealthy vices.


The most common way most people vent out stress is by smoking and drinking; this is deemed to alleviate their situation temporarily. Others often resort to eating junk which nutritionists affirm to be rich in calories which isn’t a good thing if you’re battling cellulite. Excess calories in the body are often stored as fat during digestion.




How to Deal With Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of living that you can handle within the confines of safety. When you are stressed, you can consider taking a walk or a jog which is a form of cardio. Fitness trainers recommend this as it requires motion which is likely to drift your mind away from the problematic issue. Engaging in a cardio such as jogging is also another way to burn excess fat.

Another way you can deal with stress is by frequently visiting the spa for massage sessions. Medical experts affirm that massaging help in the relaxation of tensed muscles and tissues. Massaging is also an anti-cellulite supplement that helps in clearing the skin off lumpy bumps. Massaging should be done by a trained masseuse as this heightens the chances of reducing stress and the appearance of cellulite.


cellulite stress

Engaging is yoga sessions is also another way to handle stress. Yoga requires you to sit quietly in a position while you deeply reflect inwardly. Psychologists have verified that yoga reliefs you off mental stress which is the most common type of stress.


Other Anti-cellulite Supplements

When battling cellulite, you can also consider using some anti-cellulite products like anti-cellulite creams and lotions. However, before opting for any anti-cellulite product, you may want to verify that it has been appropriately vetted by the dermatologist as this gives zero chances of it having any side-effects. You would also want to look out for the ingredients; it is advisable you go for products that contain natural ingredients.


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