It is almost impossible to see a fitness routine that does not include squatting. Virtually all butt enthusiasts who want to increase their rears are made to practice different reps and alternate patterns of squatting. While squatting may seem like the secret ingredient to your butt’s growth, it can be quite a herculean task.


Some women find the entire process of squatting very cumbersome, while a few others have health challenges affecting their lower limbs. Ladies who find themselves on this anti-squat boat will be elated to know that there are other means of growing their buttocks without having to go down low.






Mild exercises like fire hydrants, donkey kicks, lateral kick outs, and glute bridges replace squat in your exercise plan. All you have to do is to alternate at least 20 reps for each leg before switching to the other leg.


Cardio exercises like spinning, sprinting, cycling and jogging will also help make your butt look very firm and very perky.


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You can eat your way to a big butt by filling your plate with bum-boosting food items and fruits. Do not eat fattening foods simply because you want your buttocks to increase. Foods which play an important role in increasing the size of your butts are called superfoods. They are so called because of the added benefits they give to your body. Examples of butt-building foods are;


Quinoa: This food item is loaded essential amino acids which will increase the mass in your bum. It is also-gluten free.

Nuts: Nuts are compulsory for women who want to enlarge their buttocks without squatting. Nuts are rich in healthy fats and proteins which helps to stimulate the growth of your gluteal muscles. The best nuts for this purpose are almonds and walnuts.

Eggs: Eggs are good sources of healthy proteins which are beneficial for the growth of the muscles in your buttocks.

Fish: Fish is a staple food item on non-vegetarian butt aficionados. Fish contains some of the healthiest fats; Omega 3-fatty acids which are known to plump the rump.

Oatmeal: Perfect for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, this food item is packed with micronutrients that helps in the repair of muscles after workouts.

Avocadoes: Avocadoes are the “it” fruits for women who want a burgeoning backside. It is very rich in healthy fats which are known to eliminate harmful cholesterol.





Still having doubts about why squats should not be a part of your buttock-enlargement plan? Try out butt enhancement supplements and cream for butt growth. These bum boosters which usually go hand-in-hand contain ingredients which are known to enhance and lift the buttocks.


Butt enhancer pills help to increase the rate at which fat cells are produced in the subcutaneous fat layer of the buttocks while a butt enhancement cream is a topical formula that stimulates adipogenesis.