7 Dressing Tips For Your Big Butt In 2021


7 Dressing tips for your big butt

Your big butt can really be an asset if you know how to accentuate your style especially now that most females are motivated by Lopez, Kim and Nicki. We now live in a world where everything can be amplified, and your big butt is no exception especially now that most ladies have taken to using creams for butt growth, butt lift creams, butt enlargement creams and butt growth pills


And no! Wearing fake padded pants on your flat butt doesn’t count for amplifying your style, that has ‘mediocre’ and ‘fake’ written all over it. You can certainly take some natural measures to remedy this butt-issue; it would be discussed in the concluding paragraph.


There are quite some dressing tips you might want to stick to if you want to rock that butt better or get the best out of your great asset. You certainly know that not all dressing will accentuate those hips and butts. Below are some tips to rock your butt better.

Consider sturdy outfits

Accentuate your curves with structured materials. Consider cotton and wool materials that are slightly elastic as this has a hypnotic congruency with your curves. You might want to stick to fitted outfits as this would sculpt out that silhouette physique.


Keep your waist high

You should really want to keep your waistline visible. Dress in crop tops that reveal your waistline or tuck in any shirt that goes below your waistline. This rewards you with a slimmer waist giving you that curvy silhouette.


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Yeah! Heels!


In case you didn’t know, your pelvis is tilted forward when you hear heels. This tilts up your low back causing your butt to appear lifted and toned. Heels also have a way of elongating your physique making you look sexy.

Get a good tailor


You probably won’t know what you like until you see it. Well, this is what tailors are for. They are gifted with the perception of knowing what fits and what doesn’t. So you should deem it fit to get one. You can also check for guidelines on the internet as most celebrities have started launching their fashion brands.

Balance your physique

Your physique should bear the semblance of an hour-glass; both halves of your body should have equal distributed width levels. So try to dress with some shoulder pads to beef up your top half giving you the right poise.


Pencil skirts are a go-go


We should both know that curvy ladies in pencil skirts bear the semblance of sex goddesses. Disregard any dissuasion whatsoever; a big-butted lady will undoubtedly look great in a fitting pencil skirt. Don’t forget, slim waistline and wider hip-space is damn crucial, so if you have a badly-shaped skirt get it altered by the tailor.

Stand tall


Confidence is everything; this is an innate feature though. But if you look good, you should feel good. Finish that killer outfit with a proud look on your face. A look that says ‘hell yeah! I’m hot’.