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Overall Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 with 96 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4 out of 5 with 96 Votes

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Overall Rating :

KIKO Milano Setting Spray

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KIKO Reviews

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  • Vida Ery

Doesn’t work too well

Not that good of a setting spray, I don’t think it helped keep my makeup on, especially my mascara.

  • Tatiyana

face gets so shine it's like I never used any powder

Summer is fast approaching and I wanted something that would keep my makeup looking fresh for a few hours, however this only lasted about an hour after that my face gets so shine it's like I never used any powder

  • Aakanksha Bisht

I just loved this makeup fixer it sets the makeup very well...

  • Shagun Tyagi

It is nice, but not worth the money as in doesn't do much to set your makeup.

  • Maroofa Nawaz

I am using this kiko milano makeup fixer for the last 6 months and I am totally satisfied with its work. It fixes my makeup for a very long period of time and does not allow my makeup to oxidize.

  • Riya Nagda

Sets my makeup perfectly, I use it on all my clients and they never complained.

  • Natasha

Fixes your makeup and gives you perfect finish and your makeup stays for 7-8 hours.

  • Neriyaa Barathi

I used this on New year's night and it stayed even after midnight, like around 4 hours. I've never used make up spray before so it's good. Not bad. Make sure to close your eyes when you're trying to spray on your eye shadow. It got into my eyes and kinda burned. So be careful. Overall it's a good product. You can give it a try.

  • Monisha Bidasaria

It’s a very good face spray it just melts your makeup beautifully and helps to last long highly recommended product.

  • Eat Pray

Loved the products. It sets my makeup for all day. Slightly expensive but worth the price. Loved the packaging as well. It is light and travel friendly.

  • sneha sarkar

This is too good i mean just too good. Works so well and is very light on face no wonder what kind of makeup you are wearing it works so good and favourite purchase till date it’s a must buy

  • Madhu Walia


The Kiko Milano Makeup Fixer is a fragrance-free make up fixing spray. Its formula, with cosmetic alcohol that evaporates instantaneously, allows for extreme fixing of your make up, without changing it. Imperceptible and non-sticky, Make Up Fixer is mild on the face thanks to the special Chamomile extract formula.