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Hair La Vie

Hair La Vie
overall rating : 4

Hair La Vie

overall rating : 4

Millions of women suffer from hair thinning and loss. Thousands of items claiming to remedy this problem have entered the market over the years, but few of them have lived up to the hype. The majority of them have also shown to be inconsistent, working well with some girls while being completely useless with others. Some are known to stop hair loss, but they do not always work to restore hair growth. Even more concerning is the fact that certain hair products include dangerous chemicals that assault the scalp and skin, potentially putting consumers in danger.

While women may begin their Hair La Vie journeys for a variety of reasons, the beneficial outcomes are universal, as feeling good about your hair is related to increased confidence. At Hair La Vie, they feel that this is a gift that all women deserve, and one that can help them reach their full potential. This philosophy is also the source of their name, Hair La Vie, which translates to "Hair is Life."

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La Muse Beauty, situated in Los Angeles, Manufactures Hair La Vie products.
You can buy the products on the company’s official webpage,; or these products are available on Amazon and Walmart.
Based on the so many positive comments online, and satisfied customers we can say for sure that Hair La Vie is a good brand.
Yes, this business is absolutely legal.
Hair La Vie provides a nutrient-dense, long-term solution—all without the serious adverse effects that other hair products may cause.
Yes, it is real.


  • PROS
  • Helps to keep hair growing and losing at bay.

  • Clinical trials have been conducted on four patented plant-based compounds.

  • Acts on all hair-loss-related aspects, including growth rate, strength, and root attachment.

  • For a perfectly balanced environment, visibly boosts hair density while decreasing the appearance of oil.

  • CONS
  • Only sold in the U.S. & Canada.

  • May take 3 months to see the desired results.

  • Quite expensive.

Remy Sharp
BriteSat Mar 12 2022
BriteSat Mar 12 2022
I've used hair la vie over the past two years there bottles started at $35 and then went up to $50. Three months worth of bottles you pay $126. I was suffering from excessive hair shedding and my hair wasn't growing past a certain length. The first year I purchased 6 bottles and took it religiously. It took three months for me to see 1.2 inches of hair growth. After the three months I didn't see anymore hair growth. But what it did do was control the hair shedding and I experienced no side effects due to the "no fillers." Not that impressed with the results I waited a year to give it another try. This time I only purchased three months worth and again by the second month it had minimized some of the shedding and it had grown only 1 inch this time with no side affects. However, after some research and before purchasing hair la vie for the second time I decided to buy "natures valley biotin pills" from Whole food for $10 and I saw the same results if not faster however the product had stated that it used vegan capsules but gave me headaches so I had to quit. Pros: Does grow hair, no fillers, no breakouts or headaches, slows shedding or hair loss Cons: Slow to grow hair, does not return hair to its natural texture, Does not thicken hair, stops working after 3 months, very pricey. What I've learn: If you want to grow your hair buy alovera juice; drink one cup a day, collagen protein powder, biotin supplements, and rosary oil mixed with alovera jell massage into scalp. Your hair will return back to its health lustrous state with the length you want. No need for these over priced products. Hope this helped.


Hair La Vie

The Clinical Formula and the Revitalizing Blend are two types of Vitamins offered by Hair La Vie. Let's take a closer look at both of these vitamins to see which one can be the greatest fit for you.

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins is now the best-selling product. It is also known as Hair La Vie Rescue Rejuvenate and Grow, and it is constructed of a 20-ingredient all-natural mix. The manufacturer claims that all of the substances are backed by rigorous scientific studies, however they do not provide any references. These components work together to repair damaged hair follicles and thicken and fill up your hair.

·Hair La Vie's Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

The Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins are designed to heal damaged hair follicles from the inside out. This supplement comes in the form of capsules containing natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that act in tandem to promote healthy hair development.

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend contains a proprietary blend of 20 natural components. It also contains 500 micrograms of biotin, which benefits not just the hair but also the skin and nails.

Hair La Vie is a well-known company. The Hair La Vie Lash24 is the first lash serum with dual day & night formulas, providing 24 hours of continuous nourishment for healthier, fuller-looking lashes.

Hair La Vie Company/ Hair Care Products

Hair La Vie is a popular hair product company that has been attracting attention for quite some time. They claim to be able to provide the final answer to all of your hair problems. Indeed, they go above and beyond by ensuring that all of their hair care products are created with natural components.

What Do Hair La Vie Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

So, after hearing all of the claims, we decided to investigate the products and see what other customers had to say about them. We quickly noted that several of the products seem to elicit mixed reactions from users. However, the majority of consumers were pleased with the outcomes, which is why we decided to write this Hair La Vie review for you. After all, there is not a single item on the market which can impress everyone.

Hair La Vie Before and After

If you check the official webpage of the company, there are a lot of before and after photos to help you see the results of Hair La Vie products. Users are so delighted with the products that most of them have given them a 5-star rate.

Hair La Vie Product Company

Natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are used in each Hair La Vie mix to promote healthy hair growth. The most prevalent ingredients used in each of their products are listed below:

Saw palmetto, Collagen, Vitamin B Complex (Biotin), EVNOL MAX-Vitamin E, Marine Herbs, Trace Minerals.

Best Hair La Vie Products

Foundation Collagen Elixir

Foundation Collagen Elixir is a delightful, naturally sourced beverage combination that uses science-backed nutrition to help nurture beauty from within.


Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Hair retains volume and density as healthy follicles are nourished; promoting healthy, natural hair growth and shine.

Best Eyelash Serums


Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins

By infusing hair follicles with necessary antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Revitalizing Hair Blend vitamins assist boost immunity and normal, healthy hair development from inside.


Renewing Growth Treatment

La Vie Renewing Growth Treatment provides concentrated, multi-level support for stronger, denser-looking hair, with enhanced growth and less evident oiliness.

Hair La Vie Customer Service

If you need to contact the company, you can contact the customer service at (888)588-0068 between Mondays-Fridays 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 Or you can send an email at [email protected]

Hair La Vie Return Policy

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return your order for any reason. They must physically receive the returned product(s) postmarked or mailed within the 90-day timeframe to obtain a refund of your purchase (minus shipping and handling). Only one return per household is accepted each year.

Please pack the item carefully to avoid loss or damage so that it arrives safely and unharmed. All opened and unopened bottles, as well as your Return Authorization Code, must be included in the return, (get the Authorization Code by contacting the company). All returned products must be sent to the below address:

Attn: Returns Dept.

La Muse Beauty

1453 West 40 South

Lindon, UT 84042