Veritas Farms is a well-known CBD brand based in Colorado, U.S.A, that manufactures full spectrum CBD oil products. Veritas Farms is a family-owned operation that produces 100% homegrown CBD products. It is an ethical CBD company that focuses not only on its customers but also on the health of the planet. Veritas Farms does offer a wide array of products, such as CBD tinctures in a variety of potencies, gummies, skin products, topicals, pet products, and capsules. They are vegan friendly and gluten-free.

To extract the CBD, they use ethanol as an extraction solvent and create both full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. To extract the CBD, they use ethanol as an extraction solvent and create both full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. 

The price of Veritas Farm’s products is a bit higher than average. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Read customer reviews to gaim more insight into their quality and see more feedback.

They can be bought online or from retail stores.


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Theveritas Farms CBD Pet Tincture

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Theveritas Farms CBD Gummies

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Veritas Farms CBD Salve

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Veritas farms Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Marcell Hunt

not sure about product

not sure about product, my dogs didn’t say anything about taste; mainly because i concealed it in their food. after 2 days they both started vomiting. the only change as this additive. 

  • Charlotte K


Our dog has separation anxiety and it didn't seem to help at all. In fact, she seems worse now than before we tried using cbd oil. I have been putting it either in her food or directly in her mouth. She eats or swallows it just fine, but no effect on the destructive behavior when we are gone.

  • Justin

but it does absolutely nothing.

My dog loves the taste and gets excited whenever I have the bottle in hand, but it does absolutely nothing. She’s still her wild and crazy self 

  • Ashley

I would not purchase again.

I'll rate it 3 stars, as the dog wanted to lick it off of the dropper. However, I did not notice a difference in behavior such as a more relaxed or less stressed mood. All it did was cause my pups to have more soft stools, which I did not enjoy picking up. I would not purchase again.

  • Paul

but it did not help my dog.

I was hoping this cbd oil would help my old dog walk a little easier, but it made no difference. No benefit whatsoever. I can not recommend this product. Maybe it is helpful to other pet owners, but it did not help my dog.

  • Kevin

Helps with pain but not anxiety.

My dogs love the taste! They take it right from bottle. I have a maltipoo who suffers from separation anxiety..... this doesn’t work for her. I give her a full syringe. My other 8 year old terrier feels more relaxed & with energy.
This helps for aches & pains but not for separation anxiety!

  • Karol

Not a good pain relieving product at all

This product does not have any pain relieving quality at all. I have used other brands and have had success. Unfortunately I would not recommend this product.

  • Michael

There is zero CBD oil in this product.

After looking for a good CBD source for my insomnia, I cam e across this product and shame on me. I was tricked by the marketing. There is NO CBD in this product. This is not the product for you if you are looking for a good source of CBD.

  • R4

The taste is less than desirable

The taste is less than desirable. After one week, I don't notice any difference to pain levels. I may be noticing increased quality in sleep levels, but I will continue to take this for at least a few weeks to see if it builds up in my system so it becomes potentially more effective.

  • Nouah

Initial feeling of calm, then restlessness

Bought this to help with sleeping. Initially it makes me sleepy, but that wears off pretty quickly, and then there is a lingering feeling of anxiety or restlessness.

  • Ashly

I doubt they contain any CBD.....

Wish I could give it negative 5 stars. I am very familiar with the effects of CBD. These doubtfully have miniscule amounts of CBD if any. Don't waste your money.

  • Opal.E

don't waste your money

I bought it for my knees and never got any relief and also gave to my mom to try on her back, same thing, no relief...maybe if you have very little pain it helps but not for moderate pain.

  • Rita.Ts3

I wouldn't recommend trying it.

It really had an awful taste and lingered for a long time after that. I wouldn't recommend trying it.

  • Debra

so unpalatable that my dog wouldn't eat…

so unpalatable that my dog wouldn't eat it.waste of my money. rip off

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