Revlon Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 with 80 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.6 out of 5 with 80 Votes

Revlon Reviews

Overall Rating :

Revlon Precision Clear Lash Adhesive

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Revlon Reviews

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  • Rana I.

best glue ever and it is latex free however it was discontinued and i can't find it in any stores. It really holds the lashes together and made my lashes last 8+ hours

  • Cynthia A.

Love this lash glue goes on with precision application brush so no waste or spillage!! And the best part it dries clear and lasts all day! Oh and don’t let me forget removing the lash is so gentle not like other lash glues!!

  • Mary B.

The best glue I've tried

The best glue I've tried!! Would give five stars if it didn't get so stuck in my lashes afterwards.

  • Kerrie S.

Love this glue. Comes with the perfect little brush to apply to lashes. Only downfall is the tube gets quite sticky

  • Ellisha O.


Amazing drug store lash glue I have ever tried, holds the lashes in place all day, definitely beats any other drug store brand for me.

  • Shobnom A.

My absolute holy grail eyelash glue! So easy to apply using the little brush. I never find this in Superdrug’s like I used to but now I purchase it off the false eyelashes website. They always have discount codes to get 10% off on their website. This glue keeps my lashes on all day. They do not come loose like other lash glues. I love this stuff! Always repurchasing it!

  • Beth C.

By far my favourite eyelash glue. Doesn't dry hard so false lashes are easy to remove. Last ages so great value for money. Easy to apply! No mess! Love this product!

  • Lauren B.

This is very good, I do have a few issues with it, the smell is sooo bad and it can dry up really quickly BUT I will say it is amazing lash glue once you get used to the smell it’s not so bad, it’s dries lovely and holds the lashes firmly in place no amount of sweat, crying or water will loosen this glue 

  • Victoria S.

This glue needs way more hype. I've been using this for years now and I wear lashes so often, my lashes never budge, they don't lift or anything, they stay put all day until I need to take them off. The glue is 100% clear so you can't see it at all and the applicator makes it so easy to use. The only con is that the packing gets glue on the outside when fastening the lid and it gets very sticky but you just have to get into the habit of wiping it down after use and there's no issue.

  • Jessica R.

One of my go-to lash glues! Not too thick or runny in formula and applies evenly to the lash band. Does get tacky quite quickly and dries down completely clear once lashes have been stuck on. My lashes last all day when I use this lash glue. Highly recommend!!