Revitol Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 2.8 out of 5 with 112 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
2.8 out of 5 with 112 Votes
Overall Rating :

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

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Revitol Reviews

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  • Kendal

I wouldn't recommend

This Product caused my stretch marks to become more red and the area I applied this cream became very dry. I wouldn't recommend this cream to anyone who is trying to soothe and diminish new stretch marks

  • J.S

The cream didn't work

The cream didn't work. Somehow the cream reacted to my skin causing peeling

  • Taniya

Waste of money.

It didn’t feel like it soaked into my skin or was absorbed. I tossed the product after a few uses. Waste of money.

  • *Linda

Try something else.

So I was looking REALLY hard to find an honest review that seemed real and not too one sided. I have used two tubes of this, I am 23 weeks pregnant, and im honestly disappointed. Ive used this stuff 3-4 times a day on my breasts, stomach, sides. I got stretch marks on all 3 and I waited to write a review until I saw anything on my belly, after all stretch marks on the breasts can just happen because of a not very supportive spots bra. So a few days ago I got some faint ones on my belly but their getting worse. Works different for all people, but if you dont wanna take a chance like I did. Try something else.

  • Jillia M

Two months into this

Two months into this, and no result. Very frustrating.

  • Kara

Three Stars

Not as good as I expected, but made skin soft.

  • Jenkinsss

Not for me

This isn’t for me. The texture felt greasy, not moisturizing. There was a scent I wasn’t fond of. I know lots of women liked this product, but I was not a fan.

  • Steph D

Worth every penny!

I was a little hesitant to spend the money on this cream but, now that I've been using it for 12 weeks, I would not hesitate to buy it over and over again! A little definitely goes a long way and the results are undeniable . My baby bump is a-growin', but the strech marks are not a-showin'. I highly recommend this product.

  • MichelleSleeth

A Must Buy

I have a six month old daughter and while I was pregnant I got tons of stretch marks. I gained about 60lbs. I've tried every cream you can think of to lighten up my stretch marks but nothing worked. This however did work for me and now you can't even see my stretch marks. LOVE this product! I also received this product before the expected delivery time. Which I was very satisfied and surprised about b/c thats never happened before with other sellers. This is a must buy from this seller!!!

  • Latricia Ford

great product

Works really well, I've only been using for a week and can see changes in color of stretch marks

  • man E

First time mother

I purchased this product upon finding out I was pregnant with my first child to prevent stretch marks. My mother got stretch marks so I was leery that I'd end up with stretch marks anyway. I put on everyday up to giving birth and I never got stretchmarks, but I don't know if it was the lotion or genetics. It definitely keeps your skin nice and supple a lot longer than any other lotion I tried. I loved that, but my morning sickness started to make the smell of it almost unbearable. But I keept applying it and enjoyed the softness it gave my skin. I would recommend this product and use it again when I have my second child.

  • Decoda D.

The cream has no bad scent. It is very good

The cream has no bad scent. It is very good, doesn't mess up your clothing once you apply it correctly. I love it! Still on my 1st tube after one month.

  • Cotton’s sisters


I used this product all throughout my pregnancy and I STILL got stretch marks. The only thing I can say positive is that my stretch marks are not as bad but I wish I would have used Bio Oil instead.

  • Ashley Carr


only thing that seems to make a difference with my fair skin. I know that my stretch markers will never go away but this does help a great deal.