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Overall Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 with 88 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.2 out of 5 with 88 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Nad’s Eyebrow Waxing

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Nad’s Reviews

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  • Janine Sanchez

AMAZING STUFF! Worked for my thick brows of a husband!

Speak for your self.. but this guy worked for my husband whose hair is SOO THICK! I ordered these because I don’t want to visit a salon during this time due to covid-19. Got mixed reviews so i didn’t purchase right away but one day I jus took the chance! I mean it’s $6!!! That’s not gonna hurt losing. Received it, tried it for my self and loved it! Then tried it on hubby and he LOVES his new brows. He hadnt touched his brows in a long long time so you know it’s bushy and thick but I was able to tame it with this LOL. I’m loving this and I don’t see my self visiting the salon ever again! Worth worth the money!

  • Brittany G.

I love the Nad's facial wand! It makes it easier to shape the brows and its easy to use! I always wax my own brows with wax strips and it usually gets wax on my fingers and they're sticky or the wax will keep sticking to my face and i have to scrub it off but this doesn't give me that problem! If you're reading this i recommend trying it!

  • Banner

First At-Home Waxing Product I've Found To Be Successful

I've had terrible luck with at-home wax products and most have ended up in the garbage. But I'm really bad about getting my eyebrows waxed on a regular basis and it seems ridiculous to pay $15 or $20 for such a simple service so I thought I've give this a try. It's actually great! I was worried about getting the wax in the right place but the wand design is fantastic and makes it easy. If the wax seems too tacky, it's easy to warm it up a bit and that seems to solve the problem. You can warm it up by rubbing it between your palms or running it under hot water. Not a big deal.

  • Samantha

Great product! Loves the results!

I was afraid of using this because so many people left bad reviews. However I loved this product. It didn’t irritate my skin and it was super easy to use. I got good clean lines when waxing my eyebrows and I think I’ll start doing it myself from now on. I massaged hydrocortisone lotion on the areas I waxed just to be sure I didn’t get irritated after so that might have made a difference.

  • zoey

Good product

I’ve been using this product of and on for years. If I am doing my eyebrows at home then this is what I use and would recommend. It works by far the best if you peep using the provided swabs. That helps there was to grip and get the hair. Is to Bad they only give 4 of those when there is more than 4 applications of wax in the . I find this was hurts less than other waxes and does a good job as long as I use the swans to prep. I would recommend it.

  • BookBelle

Best at home kit for the face (and other small areas).

I've tried all different brands and types of wax/sugar/whatever, and this is the best balance of ease of use and effectiveness.

This comes in a pen. The "nib" is flat plastic and maybe 3-4mm wide. Turn the back end, wax comes out the business end, and you use the flat bit to spread it onto where you want to wax. Take one of the muslin strips, lay it on top of the wax, give it a good rub to heat up the wax, and pull. This is one of those products that works great if you do it a certain way. The instructions tell you the basics, but don't give up on the first try. (Below I listed some tips that works for me.)

A major plus with Nads is that it's sugar based, not wax, so it washes off with warm water. The muslin strips are just like what they use in a salon, so easy to manipulate, grip really well, and though the kit comes with a good number of strips, you can wash and reuse if you want.

Some tips:
1) Roll the pen between your palms to heat up the wax a bit. It works best at body temp. (I stick mine under my arm for awhile. I know. But it works.)
2) The first use, you have to turn a the end number of times before anything comes out. But if you've gone nuts with the turning, you're going to get a lot when it finally flows.
3) Don't be stingy with the stuff. Get a good bead of wax on the tip, then apply. You can thin it out with the flat of the tip, but you need a something to spread.
4) Hold the skin taut as you spread in the direction of the hair growth. If it feels like it's already pulling hair, you probably need a slightly thicker layer of product.
5) When you put the strip on top of the wax, give it a good firm rub. It warms up the wax and makes it stick to the hair better.
6) Pull with the strip back, not up.

Good luck! (I can also reassure you that if you mess up, eyebrows generally grow right back.)

  • Belle W.


I love the product and buy it often for myself. This particular one was purchased for my sister. The box was SOOOO taped up it had to have been opened before. There were NO cotton strips in the box when there should have been a little sealed package of 10, and only two cleansing wipes when there should have been 4. The actual product had been opened because the plastic seal was missing. Not happy with this purchase and/or the vendor who sent this out!

  • JJo

Save your money

Save your money. This doesn’t work. It’s great in theory but it’s too sticky and doesn’t spread well. When i warmed it up between my hands it wasn’t sticky enough to for the strips to stick. I wish I would have bought the nads wax strips, those have always worked great for me. Tomorrow I’ll be going to work with one small patch taken out of my upper lip hair. Hope no one notices..

  • Fox

Go get it now!!

I have a hard time finding a chance to get to the salon with three young kids and a husband who works a lot. Found this and thought I would give it a try.
Holy, batman! I don't think I will ever go back to the salon. It cost be $10 and I will probably get another two uses out of it before I need a new box. Each time I go to salon it is at least $18 with tip.
I have very sensitive skin and get super red (like the ladies get all freaked out-so red). I am red from this gel but not nearly what happens to me when I get them waxed. This gel also smells so amazing!

I just put a little gel out at a time and had no problems where I placed it. Also cut my strips in half. I did use tweezers a few times to get the ones left behind. This stuff is AMAZING!! What are you waiting for? Go get it and try for yourself!

I do wish the hole the gel comes out was closer to the tip of the pen.

  • Joy

Effective and Easy with Practice

I'm a little sad that this product has such lukewarm reviews. It does take a little getting used to, but it works wonderfully for me. I use the cleansing pads and click about 5 times and apply to the area from where the glob forms on the tube. I find the applicator tube makes a smooth application easier. I hope more people like this product so that it doesn't get discontinued. Much less messy than other waxing options and I don't have to purchase a ton of stick applicators! Try it! I hope you like it. :)

  • IMHO

Game changer - just follow instructions and read up on tips

Follow instructions read up on tips and use skillfully, and it’s a game changer. Important to keep it stored upright, with cap on, apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, and apply paper instantly after application. I also roll the tube between my hands or dip it in a cup of hot water to warm it slightly prior to use. When you apply the paper you must smooth it repeatedly and wait. Then rip off in opposite direction you applied the wax. I love this product and will loyally repurchase.