IT Cosmetics is an american skincare brand that manufactures top-tier beauty products for ladies who are looking for beauty and perfection. IT Cosmetics produces a range of makeup and skin care products. While their skin products still have a strong presence, the company also makes eye makeup products, eyebrow products, and lip products.

IT Cosmetics claims that its products are made with the consultation of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and many of the ingredients are commonly used in skincare products. They also claim that their products and ingredients are not tested on animals so it's safe to say their cruelty-free. However, the brand uses snail filtrate extract and other animal-derived ingredients when making most of the products which makes them non-vegan. IT Cosmetics is not organic or natural and they make no claims to be. Their formulas tend to be more skin friendly options with skincare benefits. Their CC creams are free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. 

Read customer reviews and see the ratings of their products to gain more information and feedback about their high quality products. There are also before and after pictures for you to check out and compare the results and to see how well they have been received by the mass. IT Cosmetics products have been lab-tested and analyzed by top skin specialists and professionals to offer one of the best skin care products out there. So why don't you give this brand a try and see for yourself!


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IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

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It Cosmetics Confidence In a Neck Cream

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer

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IT Cosmetics Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Susan

Double Charged on my account for a puchase

I ordered two items from the website It Cosmetics. The first thing they did was put a hold on my banking account. And a day later they charged me again for the same products. So now I have two exact charges on my bank account. The next day both charges were cleared and deleted that amount from my account. I called It Cosmetics and their reply was the first charge was a holding charge and should come off my account in 5 to 6 business days. Now this is on principle alone. It is not the amount but the fact that I am being penalized and held accountable for two charges until one of them is cleared. I have never experienced this with other retailers and find this an act of almost stealing money from me. I am very disappointed and there are way too many other Cosmetic companies I can order from. Just beware when ordering a product from them you will be charged twice. And the holding funds they put on your account you will not see a refund for a few days. I will not be subject to this behavior to a company. I find this as being disloyal to the consummer.

  • Augusta Braxton Baker

Five Stars

Love it, no flaking throughout day and made my lashes nice and long. Came off easily too.

  • Leesa

eye coverage

works really well and last all day

  • dlworm

Not for the aged...

Difficult to spread out. Sits in every crease. Makes you look older drawing too much attention to the eye. This product was recommended by the sales clerk even though I explained what I was looking for. She also would not give a sample.

  • rycs

will use, won’t repurchase

I’m happy I only bought the mini size. This product is great for an initial conceal of dark circles UNDER my foundation. I add my nars concealer on top of my foundation, much better. This product on its own creased terribly and really matured my eyes, I’m only 22! I even set it with translucent powder. When used on top of my foundation it weirdly darkens my under eye. Iyiyiyi! I gave it 3 stars because it’s pigmented and works as a color corrector under foundation.

  • versashay

great concealer

Love! Can also be used as a bb cream for all over face as well :)

  • Danielle2299


I have THE WORST under eye circles and this concealer covers about 85% of it. In my case that’s amazing because all the concealers ive tried don’t even cover 50% of the dark pigment under my eyes. I’m on my second tube of the concealer and have had it for over 6 months now and use it EVERY DAY, sometimes twice a day if I redo my makeup. You will 100% get your money worth since this concealer is full coverage and long lasting on the skin, and you barely need any so the tube will last you forever! I also use it to highlight my face and carve my brows out and I still have 2 more months left of concealer and I bought it in august! This is my first and probably only review but i has to write one because I LIVE for this product!

  • yeggy

Great for dry under eyes

This concealer creases the least out of every complexion product I’ve ever used, and is one of the only ones that doesn’t look ‘crunchy’ on me. A little goes a long way but isn’t so high coverage that you can’t blend it out and wear it on its own. The finish is natural, a look I much prefer. It also mixes well with other complexion products. If I had to nit pick I’d say it’s difficult blending with sponges/brushes due to its thickness, but I prefer to use fingers anyway. If you’re looking for a more emollient, ‘flexible’ but higher coverage concealer, I’d definitely recommend!

  • samiautomatick

Full coverage is an understatement! I am genetically predisposed to dark circles & puffiness, not to mention allergies which can leave me looking terrible. I got a trial size of this and I am sooooo impressed! The coverage is excellent and so little is needed. A drop the size of a pinhead covers both eyes! It takes a little effort to blend unless you have primer underneath but I can get away without primer and still IT DOES NOT CREASE. It does not dry, it does not flake, and does not fade after being at work for 12 hours. It does not sink into the fine lines under my eyes (I'm 33 so I definitely have a little bit of creasing). This is 100% worth the money even if you're on a tight budget because one tube will last for MONTHS. I'm still not done with my trial size after 2 months. 15/10, will buy again

  • ashroo256

I found this extra thick and very hard to blend out. I typically use a beauty blender when doing my face makeup, keep in mind I did not try using a concealer brush so maybe that would work better so keep that in mind!!

  • clashann

Just OK

Not my favorite under eye concealer. It's quite thick and creases easily, exaggerating wrinkles even when powdered. Coverage is good.

  • xxsam12

Not worth the hype

I bought this as a mini size and I’m so glad I didn’t purchase the regular size. I heard really great things about this brand and how amazing their concealer is but it didn’t work for me. It didn’t make a dent in the dark circles under my eyes (which aren’t too crazy visible). It wouldn’t even cover any small pimples I had. Even after layering and layering I was severely disappointed in this concealer. I feel like it didn’t do anything, any pimples or dark sports were still heavily noticeable.

  • Jazberry

Too thick

Wanted to love this but it creases very easily even with setting powder. It’s also incredibly thick which I’m not a fan of. Good coverage though!

  • maddyox

Love this concealer ! The only thing is it does feel a bit heavy on and needs to be set with a powder because it can crease easily

  • Allynbelle

Neck Cream

I've been using this Confidence in a Neck Cream moisturizer morning and night for the last week or so and I can already see a difference especially in my décolletage area. Years of sun damage and age have left that area looking rather crepey but it's already starting to look more hydrated and it seems like the fine lines are disappearing. I really like the light citrus scent of the cream and its not so strong that it will interfere with your perfume. I took one star off because I do find the cream to feel a little sticky on my neck but overall, I'm really pleased. I'm excited to see what my skin will look like with continued use. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • smileygirl1

Smells amazing

I used this product two times a day--AM & PM. I'd take a dab of the cream and apply it around my neck. The smell is amazing! It smells like citrus. I've used it for a week or two and haven't seen noticeable differences at all. I am only 24 but I've noticed wrinkles on my neck already. Regardless, this cream is quite moisturizing on the skin and can be a bit tacky if you apply too much. A little goes a long way. Since I haven't noticed any changes, I don't recommend it to others yet but encourage people to try it. Moreover, I was not aware of this cream beforehand but it will say that the jar is quite big and will last you a long time. Probably 2-3 months. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • omgitskt

Already ordering my next jar!

Wow! Smells absolutely amazing, and it feels so luxurious. Glides extremely well on the skin. Surpasses all expectations I had, and this is better then any neck cream I've ever owned. I totally recommend this cream to all ages, based on all the wonderful, good-for-you ingredients that are listed. I'm already buying one for my Mother, for Mother's Day! I was already aware of It cosmetics neck cream, but never tried it until now. I can honestly say, I don't know how I ever went without it! This will now be added to my skin care regimen, and I'm so excited about! Necks need love and extra care too! Recommended on the chest, and back of the neck as well! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • unn176

Innovative and High Quality

This is definitely, without a doubt, one of the better firming and moisturizing neck, decollete and chest creams that I have tried. In less than thirty days of applying this innovative product, my skin is noticeably smoother and more supple. The cream is light on the skin and has a mild orange aroma that isn't overpowering. The hydrating product is fortified with high quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen. Overall, the skin on my neck appears to be less wrinkly and crepey and somewhat firmer. People have noticed and have complimented me on the appearance of my skin. This has boosted my level of confidence in my appearance. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • LisaGL1

This product REALLY works!

I've been using the Confidence in a Neck Cream daily for a few weeks now and I have noticed a real visible change in the appearance of my neck and chest. It's so supple and smells so yummy, like Orange sherbet. It has really helped my skin tone in my chest area normalize and it does make the saggier area of my neck appear more firm. It gives me confidence to wear low cut tops without worrying that that area will "age" me. I had not heard of this product before trying but it will definitely be in my daily routine for now on. I would definitely purchase this over and over and have gifted to a friend because I believe in it so much. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • MOmamaof2

Smells heavenly

This has been a fantastic addition to my daily skincare regimen. Taking care of my skin to prevent major signs of aging is becoming more and more of a priority as I'm getting older. The neck is one that's often neglected or forgotten. The IT confidence in a Neck Cream moisturizer has definitely given me more confidence that my neck won't get the "old neck" look. I was surprised by the bright orange shade but felt like I was really indulging as I applied it and was greeted with such an amazing aroma of oranges or creamsicle. It's like a spa treatment at home. My skin feels so nice and soft after applying. No sticky or greasy residue. Highly recommend [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • Kiwi2

Smells Amazing and Works!

I use IT Confidence Neck Cream on my neck and chest two times a day. I can see a difference on my skin, my skin looks tighter and feels super soft. It smells like an orange creamsicle and feels very hydrating on my skin. It does absorb into the skin quickly with results seen within a week for me! This product works quickly and compared to other brands, I am seeing real results! I am very impressed with this cream and would highly recommend it. Before I started using it my neck and chest skin had small fine lines and since using this cream, I can see the fines lines disappearing and my skin feels firmer. It's a wonderful neck/chest cream! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • SamySays

Feels very nice

This neck cream has a lux creamy consistency and light citrus scent. I have creases in the front of my neck, so I work it thoroughly into that area rubbing upward, and then into the rest of my neck and décolleté. As long as it's rubbed in, it doesn't leave an orange residue. Just a little gives me good even coverage, too much and I make a mess that takes longer to absorb. It makes my skin feel supple, hydrated, and moist and glides on smoothly. My skin feels nicer since starting a regime with this every day twice a day. I would recommend it, and plan to purchase when I run out. I like it in my skincare routine especially for maintenance. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • Lolly72

Smells wonderful!

I was blessed with good genes and still look like a 30 something but as a woman in my late forties, I have finally begun taking better care of my skin. I added confidence in a neck cream to my skin care regimen which includes confidence in a cleanser and confidence in a face cream. The pot is much larger than I expected, a pleasant surprise. The scent reminds me of creamsicle popsicles, another added bonus! I use this cream morning and night and have already noticed an improvement in the appearance of the skin. Marks left on my chest after sleeping are not as prominent nor do they remain as long as they did before. I will definitely repurchase.


  • Booboo01

Youth in a bottle!

I am so happy with this neck cream moisturizer. I have been using it a couple of weeks and am already noticing a difference. I apply it in the morning and at night before bed. It goes on so smooth and isn't sticky at all like some brands that I have tried in the past. My skin feels so hydrated and smooth. I do feel much more confident. If I can tell a difference in only 2 weeks I know that with continued usage I will see even better results. I have always been a fan of It products and so glad to finally try this. It will now be on my must have all the time list. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a great neck Moisturize that works. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


  • Saskia W.

Quite good gives my lashes quite a lot of volume and length compared to my normal lashes

  • Lucy C.

This is such a good mascara! I use it almost everyday, it makes my eyelashes look great and the brush is so nice!

  • Ruth M.

this mascara is really pretty on your eyelashes and gives the false lash effect. makes my lashes nice and voluminous

  • Sarah M.

Loving the superhero mascara first time trying this went on so easy. Next time will remember to curl my lashes first x

  • Alaina S.

It's a good mascara, it's a little wet so can be messy if you rush or if your hands not so steady. It's not my favourite

  • Daisy

Never Again !!!
Mascara came and the lid was cracked. I was hesitant about buying this expensive mascara and never will again. Because the top was broken, the mascara was all dried out!

  • Stacy Bradshaw

 Best mascara ever!!!!


I was gifted this brand Several Christmas’ ago. I have repurchased over and over. I am a superhero IT mascara faithful! I have short lashes and sort of thin. This mascara lengthens and fills. Great stuff! Wipes of easily with micellar water and a cotton pad.

  • jmcato

 Arrived in Beat Up Packaging


Arrived in a beat up package - even though it was in a much larger box with other things. I wouldn’t bet that it hasn’t been opened and used before.

  • Cmalone

 Is this a replica product?


Is this product a replica? I received mine in the mail and noticed the brush is different, the smell is different and it washes off differently than the product I buy from ulta. The mascara works, don’t get me wrong but I want to know if it’s manufactured by It Cosmetics.