House of Lashes Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 with 80 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.1 out of 5 with 80 Votes

House of Lashes Reviews

Overall Rating :

House of Lashes Eyelash GlueHouse

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House of Lashes Reviews

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  • theperoxideprincess

Not sure what the hype is all about. I bought this because I heard it's fast drying, it wasn't. I applied a small amount on a strip of lashes, no stick. I applied a large amount on a strip of lashes, no stick. I ended up just applying my lashes with some DUO glue. I gave this product 2 lippies because I like the applicator.

  • Angeldoll

Took forever to remove Tried baby oil and makeup remover this dries hard like cement it was hard to apply and impossible to Remove. Will stick to my duo which has some give.


  • BahamaMama21

I have only ever used DUO glue before, so I am not a pro when it comes to lashes and lash glue. Hoever, compared to DUP this lash glue is amazing: - The DUO one smelled horrible, this one doesn't. - The DUO one was not easy to apply due to the packaging, the HoL one is super easy to apply since it has a brush applicator. - The DUO one took minutes to dry, this one is much quicker - The DUO one wasn't very sticky, this one is and it holds your lash amazingly onto your eyes! - With DUO my lashes would eventually come off at the ends, especially when my eyes were watery, with this one they don't. No surprise that I like the HoL eyelash adhesive a lot more than the duo one. The only point, where the HoL one is a bit more tricky is when it comes to taking it off. It is harder to remove from the false lashes and your natural lashes, but I'll take that :)

  • beddy

Pros Smells good Dries down clear Easily removable Cons The front of my lashes tend to pop off a lot Edit- Kiss lash glue is better!


  • mwebba1


The best lash glue of all time. The packaging is cute, the wand deposits the right amount of product to the lash and it smells amazing while not irritating my eyes. It took a few uses for me to understand this product is ready to use right after application. I do not have to wait at all as it is at optimal stickiness once applied to the lash band. That blew my mind! I had never experienced that before and now I have 4 backups. The smell is the best thing about this. Lashes are the ultimate luxury. They make a huge difference on the outcome of eye makeup. So the fact that this smells so good makes me smile every time I use it.



  • Jerrie M.

Love their glue formula. I have it in white AND black. Easy to use for beginners since it’s not as messy as the black glue if you’re not careful. Lashes stay put. Are definitely waterproof. I’ve definitely cried with this glue on and not even the inner corner lifted of my lashes. 10/10 recommend. No other glue compares. And that’s the tea.

  • miyoki L

This lash glue is hands down the best I have ever tried. And I have tried at least 10 different kinds. I also own it in black. It is seriously strong, waterproof, and my inner corners NEVER come loose, even on those late nights out!! I will honestly never buy another lash glue. It is sold out often but both ulta and sephora sell it. Its $8 at ulta and $9 at sephora.

  • Cody Dawn M

My favorite day to day glue - holds my lashes on all day and the corners never lift. Not as hard to remove from my (real) lashes as tarte Tarteist™ PRO Lash Adhesive in white. It’s a good middle ground from the stuck to your eyeball for life that tarte gives and and being less labor intensive to remove. It’s also easily plucked from the lash band as well, which I appreciate.

  • Czarina O

My favourite eyelash glue ever! The brush makes application more efficient, cleaner and quicker. This clear adhesive is the best - you really can’t see it when it’s fully dry and it’s easy to peel off the glue residue from the eyelash band at the end of the day. I also find that it holds really well especially in windy situations - much better than the DUO eyelash glue in my opinion.

  • Val P.

Must have lash glue for beginners and pros alike! It’s white in the tube and when first applied to the lashes and turns to blue when the adhesive is tacky enough for you to apply the lashes. Then it dries clear. My eyes and eyelids are fairly sensitive and can water easily and this glue has given me the least amount of problems. You can reposition the lashes if needed and sometimes take the lashes off completely and move them if you have to without reapplying the glue. It’s a sting hold and keeps my 3D mink lashes on all day or night long. I rarely have issues with the ends of the lashes lifting anymore too. Taking the lashes off is easy, just be careful when pulling the glue off of the lashes. My only complaint is that I went through the product pretty quickly and the brush bristles somehow got glued to each other making application harder as time went on. I’d still recommend and can’t go back to any other brand!