Colgate Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 1.9 out of 5 with 96 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
1.9 out of 5 with 96 Votes

What makes Colgate unique?

While other toothpastes don't usually fight against plaque formation after brushing, Colgate Total toothpastes have an antibacterial ingredient that provides you with 12 hour protection, even after eating or drinking, against plaque and cavities. As a result, you will have whiter and healthier teeth.

What are the key ingredients in Colgate products?

Colgate Total toothpastes include Triclosan, which helps reduce plaque, Gantrez copolymer, which makes anti-plaque results last for 12 hours, and fluoride, which protects teeth against cavities. This perfect combination of ingredients fights against cavities, gum problems, plaque, and bad breath. 

Is it possible to use Colgate Total every day?

You can use Colgate Total every day. For better results, brush twice a day and your teeth will be cleaner and whiter over time. Your breath will also be fresher. 


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Colgate Toothpaste

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Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit

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Colgate Reviews

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  • Talia

Waste of Money

It did nothing , and it left a after taste,  After weeks of use I should have seen some change, even a little difference but no!

  • Sufi

Waste of Money

It did nothing , and it left a after taste,  After weeks of use I should have seen some change, even a little difference but no!

  • Irma

Stunning smile

Easy to use and so far hasn’t created sensitive teeth! I’ve only used twice but I can see a difference in shade already! Very pleased with the new product 

  • Natasha

Doesn’t whiten

Doesn’t really whiten. I used it for 20 minutes for a week, even when my gums were burned from this stuff. I was careful and after brushing it on my teeth halfway through the week, it still didn’t whiten. Maybe I need to use for a month to see result but this looks the same. Waste of money.

  • Lenia

Not TOO Impressed.

I really didnt notice any whitening difference. Not real impressed with this product. Doesnt really give you clear directions either.

  • Mike

Horrible! Left white spots on teeth

Your product is absolutely horrible! My teeth are now a few different colors, buyers beware! I am so upset I wanted brighter whiter teeth not a bunch of different spots! 

  • Hily Fg

Don't waste you're money

Everything arrived on time. I had followed through with the entire 6 day treatment and there was no improvement whatsoever. You are better off getting teeth whitening done professionally.

  • Anna Little

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing, my teeth look a lot whiter after just one use! Can’t wait to keep using these on a more regular basis 

  • Luise Mc

One star

Would not even give them one star.
Do not order from this company, it is fake and a scam.
No way of contacting them other than an email which is a waste of time(don’t reply)
They take your money then send a fake tracking email.
Really wish I’d read trust pilot before I was scammed by this fake company.

  • Edna

I have stopped using it

I have stopped using it, since any unnatural artificial products are harmful to human health.

  • Lori.O


scam. ordered almost 3 weeks ago . no sign of my order. have emailed 4 times with no response

  • Janet Riley

Keeps your mouth feeling fresh for a…

Keeps your mouth feeling fresh for a long time, gets rid of bad breath, AND my teeth are always pearly white after :)