What Are the Key Ingredients in Clarins Products?

Clarins skincare and makeup products are all based around botanicals, and that's why its anti-aging collection is also powered by botanicals including Montpellier rose and organic harungana to reduce age spots. The brand also takes advantage of oils, such as sweet almond, hazelnut and grape seed, in its products. The blue orchid extract, tamarind, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are the other key ingredients used in Clarins products. 


What Does Clarins Sell?

Clarins sells skincare products including moisturizers, cleansers, eye creams, face masks, serums, and makeup products. The primary aim of Clarins skincare and makeup products is to reduce wrinkles, tackle dark circles and puffiness, smooth the appearance of fine lines, add extra shine to the skin, and all in all to reduce the visible signs of aging.  


Is Clarins Cruelty Free?

Although Clarins claims that it does not test on animals, its products are sold in some countries where animal testing is required on all imported cosmetics as part of a safety process. Therefore, it is not true to call Clarins products cruelty free. 

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Clarins Eye Cream

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Clarins Cleansing Milk

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Clarins USA Bronzer

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Clarins Anti-Cellulite Cream

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Clarins Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Carolyn

Not good, not bad

Didn't bother my sensitive skin but I also didn't see much benefit.

  • Denis

One Star

I used the toner after using the cleansing milk and my cotton pad was full of makeup that the cleanser did not take off! I don't know what it is cleaning but it definitely was not makeup.

  • Angel Kelly


I like this cleansing milk as I have very dry skin year round. It cleanses well and does not dry my skin as some milk cleansers tend to.

  • Serena

I wish I could return.

This cleanser did not remove makeup well at all, like it says. It also gave my skin on face a slight numbing sensation, which I found concerning. I wish I could return.

  • Clara Seven


My mother has recently received his order, he tried it for the first time yesterday...it was great and made him look alot younger. But we have since noticed that he has been left with dry sore red patches under his eyes and bulging skin. Very disappointing :( he feels 100 times worse than he did before he even tried it!

  • Mrs.Lin

Won't wash off makeup

I can't give above 1 star to a facial cleanser that doesn't remove makeup.

  • KylieC

Does not help

Absolutely no results and I went strictly by the directions. Does not help

  • Anjela

Two star

I have super sensitive skin, and this cause slight irritation with some pimples.

  • XxX .B

i think...

barely use it. i think it is not working on white skin. every time when i use it, my friend will ask me what is wrong with my face

  • Saraahh

More orange than brown, not the best for pale skin

I really wanted to like this product since I saw so many good reviews especially for pale skin such as mine, but I tried this and it doesn't look like a brown it looks more orange unless you really pack it on. 

  • Venda Pi

Doesnt look good with my light cool skin

Very organge but pigmented for sure. Doesnt look good with my light cool skin tone

  • Tatiana Jo

The Perfect Summer Glow

I stopped sun tanning a few years back, and have been searching for a product that would give me just a bit of that glow- and I have finally found it! I had read a lot on this. been recommended it, but each time thought it was a waste and too expensive for such a little product. Not at all! I love it!

  • Baker

I didn't like it.

For the quality and effectiveness they say it has and how expensive it is, I don't see the price right, I don't see it doing the effect it says it does.

  • Angela Sr4

Read Ingredients before purchasing

Gave my mother a skin rash! Some people might be allergic to some of the ingredients.

  • Laura Miller

Where you're health is at

I use this product for cellulite and I used it every day and for as much as it cost it didn't work well it all I'm very dissatisfied with this product I'll never buy it again wish I could get my money back

  • Twila Sharp

Okay product. Really didn't see any results.

Okay product. Really didn't see any results.

  • Asmae E.

doesn t work for me....

I try it but doesn t work for me.... I don't have much cellulite but i don't see any Différents.. It's like a gel

  • genesis L.

I am a lover of cellulite

I am a lover of cellulite treatments, this is a good option without a doubt, it reaffirms the skin and I have noticed how it has decreased cellulite marks, I like that it is easy to absorb and has a subtle fragrance

  • karoliis E.


I love Clarins body products for their performance (not too much for strong fragrance). They are one of the best on the market in terms of results. This product has a gel-like texture, it spreads easily. It gives a cooling sensation to the skin that lasts for about 20 minutes. My skin turns slightly pink which gives a feeling that it works. Regular use gives significant results, stopping it for a week shows the difference. I don't really have cellulite (I can see it only in very unforgivable lighting) but this cream gets rid of all insignificant bumps that I have. Flexing butt muscles usually resulted in orange peel lower butt texture, this cream got rid of that too. My skin is smoother, firmer, silkier. I use it every other day, and as soon as I stop using it for two weeks I notice the difference. Must have!

  • Kristynn S.

It really works

This stuff really works! It’s tingles and I always feel better after putting this on. It give an immediate firming look and also works over time. Don’t waste tour money on cheaper products and get the one that actually works the first time.

  • Ashley S.

It is amazing

I got a sampler of this from a subscription box. It smells amazing. It feels really good going on and absorbs fast. You can definitely feel some tightening soon after applying this. It made my thighs feel amazing. I don't know if i would pay for a full size bottle its pretty expensive.

  • Cristi C.

I recommend

have tried several products to try to diminish the look of the cellulite on the back of my thighs. Once I tried this Clarins Body Fit I knew I'd found the one. This Clarins Body Fit does an excellent job of diminishing the look of the cellulite on the back of my thighs. I try to massage it on several nights a week. I find you do want to start using at least a month before really seeing any results though, don't expect a couple applications to show any real difference, but a few times a week at least a month before shorts season and I feel I see a real difference. I would definitely recommend this Clarins Body Fit for anyone who wants to try to diminsh the look of their cellulite. It is one of my Summer Holy Grail products.

  • Aglay G. Garcia

3.0 out of 5 stars will not buy again.. too expensive

I buy a lot of clarins products but this is one i was very disappointed in. I didn't expect miracles but there was no difference in the texture of my skin and I couldn't afford using it for 3 more months to see if there were any better results.

  • Graciana Broglio


Muy buen producto. Usándolo en la mañana y noche durante 1 mes y medio casi 2 me ha dado algún resultado. No es mucho ni hace magia pero se nota la diferencia!

  • Mayra Hurtado

Tempered product.

The box looked like it was opened but I thought maybe it was the shipping that roughed it up a bit. the seal was definitely broke. And when I opened the lid, the product was looked used. Not happy about this at all.

  • Lori

Where you're health is at

I use this product for cellulite and I used it every day and for as much as it cost it didn't work well it all I'm very dissatisfied with this product I'll never buy it again wish I could get my money back


Good Stuff

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly see a reduction in my cellulite. You do have to use it every day but I can feel my skin tingling after use and I can genuinely see an improvement in the dimples!

  • Buyerbuyer


For this price I actually expected the product to do something good to my skin. It hasn't. I have been using it for some time now hoping that it needs time to start working, but it doesn't. I have no purchased a product which cost me almost 10x less and is so much better than this. And I usually like Clarins skincare, so just shocked how bad this one is.

  • Josie W.

It works

It works, I’m using for a month and I can see some reduction in my cellulites, it’s not a miracle but was the only cream that I used that actually worked. Love the smell. It has little cooling sensation right after you apply, but it’s not bad and just for a while. I will keep using.

  • Manda L. H.


As someone who works out on a daily basis but still has cellulite because let’s face it - nobody’s perfect - this product does work! PLEASE NOTE: like anything, you have to apply it daily! Nothing works after just one use. In about a week, I noticed enough of a difference to know that this does work! Since then, the results have just gotten better. It’s a nice easy smell and NOT greasy! For best results, use it with a cellulite/fascia roller.

  • Advil

Want refund

I used twice a day for a month. No result. I think it was fake

  • os

Just great

Love it, third bottle I am using several years in a row. Clarins is perfect!

  • clara c

I used it once and

I used it once and it works. it reduced the cellulite of the abdomen and legs and hydrated my skin. Its texture is smooth. I used it once and it works. it reduced the cellulite of the abdomen and legs and hydrated my skin. Its texture is smooth.

  • maria b

Great temp fix, it puffs up your skin so you can't see cellulite as much

Great temp fix, it puffs up your skin so you can't see cellulite as much(you can still see it). IT IS NOT A FIX OR A CURE. Texture is perfect, not too thin not too thick! I enjoy the color of it as well. Got a fe w samples from ulta, will not be buying as it's just hype. Working out i s the only fix, well that and surgery!!

  • I like this a lot!


I like this a lot! It’s light, easy to apply and smells pleasant. I haven’t used it long enough to determine if it works or not. However, Clarins is known for great anti- cellulite products..

  • great but . . . !

elizabeth c

Great moisturizer but I guess I'm still going to have to work out. Didn't really notice a difference in my cellulite and used daily for almost a month. Great scent though!

  • Shoshana B.


I got this in gratis. I don’t know if it actually works when it comes to making my skin more firm, but it does moisturize my body quite nicely! It does have a light scent but it isn’t so strong where you can smell it easily.

  • Melissa S.

I’m so glad

I’m so glad I bit the bullet and spent the money on this. It is worth every penny. I’ve developed cellulite on my stomach and thighs and this has helped significantly reduce the look of it. It is pricey but really does work. This is my third bottle. It smells great in my opinion and and has a tingley feeling when applied. Suggestion: stock up when Ulta sends 20% off prestige brand coupons. That’s what I do.

  • Christine E. Nelson

Four Stars

Just what I wanted!

  • Mireia

Doesn't work, don't waste your money

I used this item several times combine it with diet and sport. I definitely lost wait and got fitted but the cellulite does not even get reduced a tiny bit. Don't waste your money

  • Mary

Really good

Really works you can see the difference after few months

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